7 Perfect Patio Ideas for Your Home

With the pandemic keeping everyone inside, around 40% of homeowners started renovation projects in 2020. That trend is still going strong! Those lucky enough to have outdoor space spent time and money sprucing up this part of their property too. Your backyard patio is the perfect place to entertain, relax after a long day at […]

How to Create Eco Friendly Houses

There’s been a recent surge in the popularity of eco-friendly houses. But what are they, and why should you care? An eco-friendly house is designed to make less of an impact on the environment.  This is done through conservation measures, such as using energy-efficient appliances and installing solar panels. It’s also done by using materials […]

Five Great Property Designs For An Outdoorsy Resident

For those who adore nature, it can be hard to design a home. This is because the fondness for a wild environment can often lead to a source of frustration when designing a property that is built with walls and gadgets, detracting from a truly natural living experience. Additionally, for the more casual outdoors enthusiast, […]

5 Interesting Benefits of a Wall-Mounted iPad

47% of millennials in the US use smart home products. To manage these smart home products, consider using a wall mounted iPad. If you’re like most people, you’re wondering why mount an iPad on a wall? You argue it’s better to have a mobile iPad, as you can use it anywhere you like. Yet you’re […]

Top 3 Bed Bug Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s no secret that having insects in your home can cause a large number of potential health issues. Most of us have heard about bed bugs, but not all of us understand how to recognize the signs of an infestation. Let’s take a look at some of the key bed bug signs you need to […]