7 Perfect Patio Ideas for Your Home

With the pandemic keeping everyone inside, around 40{5ab75762cf707683d7af2475431dd95a23fbc9cf5cb8a45517116f350cf35bde} of homeowners started renovation projects in 2020. That trend is still going strong! Those lucky enough to have outdoor space spent time and money sprucing up this part of their property too.

Your backyard patio is the perfect place to entertain, relax after a long day at work, and enjoy meals as a family. And if you’re looking to do a patio remodel, you might need some patio ideas so you can redesign your outdoor space to fit your needs.

Are you struggling to come up with any? Don’t worry. The list below has tons of suggestions for your new patio design, so one is bound to work for you!

1. Modern Minimalist Design Patio

Are you looking for a patio design that is clean, simple, and on-trend? Then you should consider choosing a minimalist patio.

White marble tiles look beautiful but choose a dark wood deck if you don’t see yourself power-washing them clean every month. You can surround your patio with black gravel and plant uniform green sprigs.

Opt for dark wooden outdoor furniture to contrast the white marble or white wicker furniture to contrast dark wood. Choose furniture without patterns or curves to keep your patio looking tidy.

2. Multi-Level Rock Garden Patio

For some, their patio is somewhere they want to sit and relax with a glass of wine and feel like they’re in nature. If that’s you, you should be designing a patio with water features and wildflowers.

You can put any uneven ground in your backyard to good use by creating a patio with two levels. Use concrete to build a solid foundation on both levels and surround your mini patios with rocks. It will look like you’ve carved your terraces from the earth.

Then, build a rock staircase between the levels with two small waterfall features on either side. It’s one of the more expensive patio ideas on this list, but if you plant trees and wildflowers around it, this patio will feel like an oasis.

3. Paved Patio With a Built-in Fire Pit

It’s a shame when cold temperatures keep you away from your patio at night and in the chillier seasons. If you find that you only use your residential patio during the warm months, why not build in a fire pit, so you enjoy your outdoor space more?

Choose a heavy natural-cut stone to create a striking patio floor. You’ll need to raise it a little to embed the fire pit in the middle. But once it’s there, it will be so easy to light and maintain.

If you have a pit that uses firewood, you could store it to look appealing and functional. You can also invest in thick outdoor blankets and fairy lights so you’ll always feel warm and cozy. Don’t forget to bring the ingredients for s’mores!

4. Outdoor Kitchen Patio With a Pergola

Do you have the opposite climate and find that you like to spend more time outside than inside? Then you should make the most of the weather by transforming your outdoor patio into a functional living space.

Build a wood pergola that gives your patio adequate coverage. You can choose one with full coverage or a pergola with vine plants, so it’s not a solid canopy.

Invest in full-sized outdoor couches, a dining table, a grill, and counter space. Use natural materials like marble and wood to strike the right balance between indoor and outdoor. You may want to build weatherproof outdoor storage so you can keep kitchenware and utensils on hand.

5. Japanese-Inspired Patio and Garden

It’s easy to see why many homeowners incorporate the Japanese garden aesthetic into their patio designs. It’s quirky, beautiful, and will help you feel serene.

If you’re a go-big-or-go-home type of person, you should build a coy pond as the centerpiece of your patio. Surround it with moss, rocks, and other green plants.

Your patio should be sand or gravel and not hard stone because this will give it the illusion of gentle movement. But you can pave small pathways throughout your yard with dark bricks. Use Japanese-style outdoor tealight holders and boulders to round out the aesthetic.

6. Wrap-Around Patio for Entertaining

Do you have a substantial outdoor space, perhaps even a wrap-around deck, that is perfect for entertaining? If not, that’s what you should build! Choose a raised wooden deck and make it as long and wide as your property will allow.

You can also invest in these swinging patio doors, which will open so wide that guests will be able to move between indoor and outdoor spaces with ease. Finish off your patio with modern deck chairs so guests can move them where they please, and you can pack them away afterward. Hanging plants will spruce up your patio without compromising space.

7. Mediterranean-Inspired Patio

Japanese gardens might be a little too serene and impractical for some. But Mediterranean-style patios are perfect for those who love bright colors and patterns. It’s also one of the best patio ideas for those with pools as it has a seaside vibe.

Opt for terracotta patio tiles on the ground and choose colorful Moorish tiles to place around your patio door or along the bottom of your house. Pick a water feature that resembles the drinking fountains in Rome and paint the outside of your patio door baby blue.

Choose an iron-wrought chair and table set if you want to create an outdoor breakfast nook. Or, if you prefer comfier seating, choose yellow and white striped deck chairs. Place an olive tree in a large pot in one corner of your patio, and you’ll be almost convinced that you’re in the south of France!

Use These Patio Ideas to Dress Up Your Deck

The best patio ideas for you will be the ones that best match your lifestyle. Whether you love entertaining, relaxing, or cozying up under the stars at night, there is a patio design for you to choose from. 

If you’re renovating your outdoor space, chances are you want to give your indoor space an upgrade too. Browse our website for tons of home improvement tips and tricks!