Five Great Property Designs For An Outdoorsy Resident

For those who adore nature, it can be hard to design a home. This is because the fondness for a wild environment can often lead to a source of frustration when designing a property that is built with walls and gadgets, detracting from a truly natural living experience. Additionally, for the more casual outdoors enthusiast, homes can often lack the accommodation necessary for an abundance of large equipment, such as paddleboards and bicycles, or even limit hobbies.

While a balance must be sought between the two opposing spaces, there are property designs that can truly satisfy an outdoorsy resident, and without the need for moving entirely off the grid too. Here are five of the most popular and celebrated investments, those that will both make a life of outdoor activity easier and one that welcomes the aesthetic of such a lifestyle too.

Integrate Your Hobby

Instead of allowing your home to feel like a separate space, it can be fulfilling to decorate it with your favourite outdoor activity and landscape in mind. For example, those living by the sea will often choose blue colour schemes, with embellishments of aquatic features and boats used to decorate their home. Others might get creative with storage, allowing cycles to be mounted on walls, serving both as storage and decoration.

A Garden Halfway

Integrating your home with a garden is important because our outdoor spaces are a gateway to nature. Seeking out log cabins for sale can be a great way to meet the wild halfway, giving you a rustic space that supports your interests while redefining your property as a more organic and natural venue.

Gardens are also versatile natural spaces that can be designed for relaxation and comfort, which, for those who like the wilderness, can mean growing favoured flora and building garden furniture from materials, specifically wood, from certain landscapes of favour.

Open Roofs

Opening one’s roof up with large windows can be an amazing experience, allowing huge amounts of light into a previously dark attic. Not only does it have this practical feature, but skylights also increase the amount of natural light in a home too, offering views of the sun and, on a clear night, the stars too.

The Wild Aisle

Turning to the IKEA catalogue simply won’t bring joy for the outdoorsy individual looking to decorate their home. Instead, it would be better to source furniture from nature, reclaiming woods and working with artisans to create organic aesthetics that create a living space that feels wild. Even those with more simple intentions can choose to stand plants upon logs or make their own coffee table from fallen branches.

Manage Your Storage

If your outdoor activities revolve around an equipment intense pursuit, then storage must be a consideration. Even swimming, for example, can involve the need to bring home and store a wetsuit. If accommodations aren’t made for such gear, one’s personal space will become affected by gear.

Be sure to create and dedicate an appropriate amount of space to your equipment. This will not only allow for a home to feel comfortable but it will also encourage better care to be taken of gear, instead of making compromises to how it is kept.