Should You Use A Wax Warmer At Your Home?

Candles can transform a room from cold to cozy and warm with just a flick of a lighter or strike of a match. While you may already have a stack of candles that you love, you may not realize that there are accessories that can make your favorite scented accents last longer. One such example is the Candle heater. If you don’t already have one, it’s time to familiarize yourself with these devices, because a candle heater could be a better and more affordable option.

What is a wax warmer?

A candle warmer is a device that allows the fragrance to be distributed throughout the space without the use of an open flame. There is generally some light and/or heat source in the device, a plug for connecting to an outlet or a switch for battery power, and an area at the top to hold the wax. Wax melts are small amounts of pre-portioned, low-boiling scented wax. You can search for “wax warmers near meto locate some offline wax stores as well other than just online. 

How is a wax warmer different from traditional candles?

Using traditional candles to scent your home can get expensive because they simply don’t last as long as the wax melts in the candle wax warmer. Every time the wick burns out, you end up buying a whole new item. With a candle wax warmer, you heat and melt candle wax electronically – meaning there are no open flames. If you’re an avid candle burner, chances are you’ve found soot or residue from a burning wick on your walls. This can damage or even yellow your walls and wallpaper over time, reducing the value of your home or causing you to lose your rental deposit. This makes candle warmers a great option for those who want to forgo open flames.

The benefits of wax warmers

The advantage of using a wax warmer is its versatility and the possibility of setting the throw. The throw is the strength of the scent from the candle and how far the scent “throws” around the room. A common way to test the scent of a candle is to smell it in the store before purchasing. This is known as a “cold throw”. With a traditional candle, the strength of the cold throw is indicative of the strength of the “hot throw” or scent after the candle is lit, but it’s not always what you’d expect. The main reason most people usually choose wax melts over traditional candles is that they don’t require an open flame. But wax melts also tend to have a stronger scent than traditional candles. When wax melts burn, the temperature isn’t as high as an open flame candle and absorbs heat more slowly. 

This causes the fragrance oil to evaporate more slowly, giving you a stronger and longer-lasting fragrance. Although there is an upfront cost to purchasing wax warmers, wax melts are usually more cost-effective in the long run for both the consumer and those who make them. After reading the benefits, you might want to get one for your home as well. Look for “wax warmers near me” and get yours now. 


Wax warmers are safer as compared to a traditional candle. An open fire can be very dangerous when left unattended, especially around pets or children. Candle heaters are very safe, with the primary threat being a ruined carpet of melted wax.