Lose calories doing household chores instead of paying in fancy gyms

Our busy schedules compel us to hire cleaning services. We can hardly imagine our fast rushing lives without any housekeeping or domestic help. If not domestic help, we take refuge from technological advancement. But with our growing dependency on technology and other assistance, the generation is leading towards the obese body and lack of self-sufficient attitude. According to a study, it is found out that a regular individual burns up to 200-260 calories an hour doing household chores. You sweat off the same amount of calories working out in a fancy gym, draining a pretty decent amount of money in a fancy gym in your neighborhood. This will be a smart financial plan where you not only save your money in the gym but also save up money reserved in paying your housekeeping staffs. Do your household cleaning alone, and gain the reward of building a healthy body.

A house cleaning service definitely lightens your burden. But you can save up money if you:

  • Allot less service for your maids.
  • Do the work yourself till you can carry it. It will leave less work for your maid and thus less payment.
  • You can also save up by skipping the housekeeping on weekends. The rates of housekeeping services are generally high on weekends.
  • And the most important step is scheduling the work to be done by the cleaning services.

Cleaning your house alone while adjusting with your work routine might turn out to be wearisome for your body and mind. To have a healthy routine:

  • Form a schedule of the daily work you will do.
  • Keep your weekends reserved for some hardcore cleaning and create a checklist to make it fun.
  • Wash your dishes just after dinner or lunch instead of letting the heaps of utensils to scare you at the end of the day.
  • Don’t store your clothes in the laundry basket to be washed on weekends, instead wash it instantly.
  • Do not loiter waste around your house, keep it clean to avoid cleaning everything at one go.

Cleaning Services are no doubt important to assist our daily lives but why not try being a little self-sufficient to save up some extra money and of course to become a little healthier.