Should I move and get a home in Toronto?

It’s the question that almost everyone in Canada asks themselves at one time or another. Should you leave your province and go live in the “Big Smoke”? It’s a good question to ask yourself and there are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of taking the plunge:

Why are you thinking of moving? Is it because of a need for a life change? Is it for work? Is it to get away from the ex?

A move across the country to a city where everything is new and different can seem like an exciting prospect, but you do need to ask yourself why you’re thinking of moving. If it’s because you’re in personal danger, then by all means, move! It’s the best city in Canada to get lost in! If, however, the reasons are more trivial, like a bad breakup, then you might want to wait a little while longer before you make that decision.

For some, the reasons may be personal, but for many, the reason is more professional. The Maritimes, for instance, have high unemployment rates. There, getting a job and having a career usually means moving, the question is to where? For people from the Atlantic Provinces, Toronto is a better option than a city like Calgary, simply because it isn’t as far from home. Moreover, the price of buying a condo, or another home, in Calgary now is not much less than buying one in Toronto, making the latter metropolis the more attractive place to go.

So, jobs are a good reason to go to the bustling city of Toronto and get a box in the sky. The other reason is family. For some people, they’ve already had sisters, brothers, and parents who have already moved to Ontario. The logical decision is usually to join those immediate family members there so that they can find a career and a home in Toronto, as well.

One of the biggest reasons that people from elsewhere get a house when they move to Toronto is that they see it as a firm investment, and there is supporting evidence to back up their claim. An average family can move to Ontario in their twenties, get a house, and then pay off their mortgage over the years. Many people have a thirty-year mortgage, for instance. What people from out of province can do is spend the most part of their career in Toronto, wait until the kids are gone and their house is paid off, and then sell their homes.

By then, the house is paid and the couple in question’s expenses have been paid. At that point, they can get upwards of seven hundred thousand dollars for their home. They then move back to the Maritimes, get a decent house for less than two hundred and fifty thousand, and then bank the rest. If that sounds like smart, long-term thinking then it is! A lot of people choose to work in Toronto and retire in their home provinces. That way you really can get the best in Canada!