How to Work At Home and Stay Safe

This year of 2020 keeps us guessing as to what is going to happen next. Since we are all trying to stay safe, many of us work from home now. While our house is considered our place of safety, at times, it can become a hazard. Having home security helps, but when we are spending so much time at home, we need to look around and see what to do to make it a safe and productive environment. 

House Maintenance and Home Security

The art of procrastination may kick in while we are at home so much. It is easy to see something that needs attention and put it off for later. Here are a couple of items that only take minutes but could turn into a dangerous situation. These items don’t affect your work directly but contribute to a safe atmosphere while you work. If you have your smoke detector and carbon monoxide sensor integrated into your home security system, you will have an extra set of eyes keeping you safe.

  • Replace your smoke detector battery at least once a year. Test regularly.
  • Replace carbon monoxide detector batteries every six months.
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs outside
  • Immediately wipe up spills. It is a leading cause of slip and falls. 
  • Don’t leave candles burning when you’re not present
  • Keep space heater away from flammables and turn it off when you’re not in the room
  • Keep an up-to-date fire extinguisher handy

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Family Safety

Adding children home all day while you work requires a few extra home security and safety precautions. Hopefully, you have a designated area to work that won’t get disturbed by small fingers. Depending on what you work with, keep in mind what dangers it poses to the children in the house.Front Door Wireless Video Security Camera

  • Make a rule not to answer the door without you
  • Doors always stay locked
  • Don’t leave unattended cooking on the stove 
  • Keep outdoor pools fenced, locked, monitored, etc. 
  • Put any tools that you use out of their reach

Take a Break

Since you are at home, you may find yourself never taking a break. Mental health is a priority for staying productive. Try to keep in a schedule as if you were still reporting to work every day. Don’t skip meals, and keep up with your water intake. If possible, step outside for your break if the weather allows it. Fresh air and some Vitamin D sunshine go a long way to stimulate your thinking powers and re-motivate you. Also, stay in contact with your favorite co-workers. If you are working on a similar project, or just miss seeing their face, pull up a video chat while you’re working for that feeling of being back in the office.

Don’t Forget Home Security

The best way to stay safe at home while you work is to have a home security system in place. With the proper placement of security cameras, a video doorbell camera, and motion sensors, not much can happen without you seeing it. In fact, using the app on your smartphone or keeping a window open on your desktop lets you monitor the children in the other room without stopping your task at the moment. You’ll know who is at the front door and converse with them without getting up. Having this peace of mind allows you to focus on your job, despite the circumstances.

Allied Home Security appreciates the extreme efforts everyone is coping with today. Assisting you with the home security aspect and keeping your family safe is our priority. Call us today to find out how we can secure you with one of our home security packages. The 24/7 alarm monitoring will take some of that stress away by being your eyes on the outside. While we are all making the most of our circumstances right now, a little help goes a long way. We’re here to help you.

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