How to Handle Mold in Your Home?

Mold is a persistent living organism, if it once settles in your home it is hard to get rid of without proper measures. Nearly, every house gets mold and the destruction caused by it in households is immense especially in the humid places around the globe.

The best way to get rid of mold is to hire a reputed Emergency water damage cleanup service. However, there are some preventive measures and treatments too that you can opt for in your DIY effort.

Remove moldy rugs

  • Split stained or frowzy carpet and mats into 6×8-ft. parts with the utility knife.
  • Moist both surfaces with water using a pump sprayer. Spread mold spores and roll the pieces up. Double-wrap these in 6-mm Plastic and tie them for disposal with duct tape.

Seal off depreciated area

  • For the sake of the whole building, seal the room.
  • Cover a shield made by overlapping plastic sheet over the doorway then tape it into the wall.
  • Use plastic and tape to cover all the air ducts inside the room.

Cleaning the moldy walls

  • Pry off the baseboards and then trim with the pry bar from damaged areas.
  • Pierce heavily stained damp walls with a screwdriver to find out moisture damage secret mold in the wall framing.

Sealing mouldy areas after they dry

To dry the recently cleaned areas for at least three days, set out dehumidifiers and new fans and then check them by sight and smell for mold. For mold remediation, if you find more mold then clean it again with bleach.

When you are sure the mold has been removed you must opt for sealing the surfaces of wood using pigmented shellac, like KILZ or BIN.

It’s always worthy to hire professionals for mold removal as it will not only help you save time, but also your property and finally money in the long run.