Different Styles and Types of Roofs Used for Homes

The roof is the main part of every home that will offer you protection from rain, snow, and other climatic conditions.

Stay Dry Roofing can offer you various roof materials that can meet your requirements for different styles that you need for your roof.

Here are a few types of roof for residential properties that are quite popular among homeowners.

  1. Gable roof

You can find this kind of roof in most of the houses. They are quite inexpensive due to their simple design and can offer you the necessary protection from different climates.

However, they may be a little susceptible to wind damage, and aesthetically may not be too pleasing.

  1. Flat roof

You can find such kinds of roofs mostly in commercial buildings. They are quite suitable if you want to install any HVAC systems or solar panels etc.

However, you need to be careful about leakages during the rainy season, and you need to do regular maintenance and inspection.

  1. Hip roof

This kind of roof may have slopes on all four sides of your home. Many farmhouses or multi-story structures often use hip roofs.

These roofs can be very stable against high winds and provide good aesthetics too. However, needs more amount of building material to build them and are prone to leaking.

  1. Mansard roof

Mansard roof will consist of 4 sides having 2 slopes on each side. Each slope will join at the top to form a flat panel. You can find such kinds of roofs in older homes.

You can easily add any open or closed dormer, but due to low pitch, it will be difficult to shed away snows. They can also be expensive to build and will need more maintenance.

  1. Saw-tooth roof

The saw-tooth roof usually consists of parallel slopes in an alternating manner that looks like a jagged saw blade if you try to look at it from one side.

Originally such roofs were preferred for industrial buildings, but now they are popular in modern homes too.

If you want a cathedral ceiling then it can be an ideal choice. It can also offer a very sleek look and you can also place windows in vertical areas so that you can get more light. However, they are very expensive.