Clogged Pipes? 3 Reasons Why You Need Pipeline Delumper

North America alone generates an estimated 85 cubic kilometers of wastewater each year. That’s 22.45 trillion gallons of used water full of human excreta, food scraps, oils, and chemicals.

So, it’s no wonder that clogged pipes have become a common problem in the US. Unfortunately, blocked pipes don’t only cause inconvenience; they can also pose health hazards.

The good news is that the Pipe Delumper can prevent clogs from forming in pipes. This guide discusses the top reasons you should invest in this device, so be sure to read on.

1. Alleviates Blockage in Pipes

The Pipeline Delumper is an ultra-compact machine designed to break down solid wastes. It crushes solids, which it then disperses and suspends in streams. The free-flowing streams then carry the solids with them, exiting the system with ease.

Moreover, the Delumper’s design allows for easy installation in fully enclosed pipe systems. It also boasts varying horsepower ratings, ranging from 2 to 75 HP. It also comes with different pipe sizes, with the smallest being 3 and the largest being 30.

That’s also why Pipeline Delumpers are ideal waste management systems for various industries. Food waste, wastewater, sludge, and recycling facilities are to name a few.

2. Reduces Risks of Pipe Damages

The more trapped solids within the pipe, the thicker and larger the blockage gets. Ultimately, the obstruction can cover the entire internal space of the pipe. This can then lead to the clog placing severe strain on the pipe’s interior walls.

That’s one way clogged pipes could be at risk of damage from within.

Unfortunately, incoming waste streams exacerbate the problem. As new waste flows into the pipe, it places even more pressure on the already-strained pipe walls. From there, the clogged pipes can start to develop cracks.

Over time, those inner damages can become so severe they spread to the pipe’s external surface.

Installing the appropriate-sized Pipeline Delumper can help prevent those problems. After all, its primary function is to alleviate blockages, so clogs won’t even have a chance to form. So, the fewer pipe obstructions, the lower the odds of the pipes developing damages.

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3. Mitigates Potential Environmental Contamination

One of the biggest problems with clogged pipes is their potential to backup and overflow. Sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) are perfect examples of such pipeline woes.

SSOs occur when untreated sewage in sewers gets discharged to the environment. In many cases, these hazardous incidents result from massive sewer system clogs. What’s more, they’re quite common in the US, with an estimated annual prevalence rate of 23,000 to 75,000 cases.

Environmental contamination from clogged pipes can also occur when the pipes themselves break. Even tiny cracks on pipe walls can allow waste to seep out and contaminate the surrounding area.

So, in a way, the Pipe Delumper can also help prevent such environmental concerns. In fact, even the US Army used Pipeline Delumpers on their ships to process wastewater.

Say Goodbye to Clogged Pipes with the Pipeline Delumper

As you can see, the Pipeline Delumper makes it easy to prevent and resolve clogged pipes. For the same reasons, it can help keep pipe damages, backups, and overflows at bay.

So, as early as today, invest in this in-line lump breaker and crusher to keep your pipes in tip-top condition.

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