Ac is not working? Here’s what to do.

There are some solutions for repairs of air conditioning systems performed by the repair technicians. Following are some of the steps for resolving ac repair in my area question raised by the customers:

Step i] understand the anatomy of an air conditioner:

It consists of two components, a condensing unit that is present outside the house and an evaporator coil that is present in the furnace of the air conditioner. There are three parts of condensing that are replaceable, a ac contactor, run capacitor, and condensing fan motor.

Step ii] shut off the power:

The electrical box next to the condensing unit is opened and the disconnect block is pulled straight out. A voltage sniffer is used to make sure that the power is completely off.

Step iii] cleaning condenser coils:

If the crud is built up under the lid of the condenser coil, it is removed with the help of a garden nozzle. Then debris present down the coil fins is flushed by the nozzle. At last, the final cleaning is conducted by adjusting the nozzle at the gentler stream to remove the remaining debris.

Step iv] fuse testing:

disconnect blocks consist of two fuses. They are checked before proceeding ahead. If a fuse is blown, then it is a sign of a failing part inside the condensing unit.

Step v] inspection of access panel:

If there are any broken wires or chewed insulations, initially the capacitor is discharged and then repair the wires and clean out the nests inside it.

Step vi] replace of start/run capacitor:

The capacitor stores the electricity and releases it to give power to both the compressor and condenser fan. Capacitor failure leads to less startup power. They are usually repaired after every five years due to their low cost.

Step vii] replace of ac contactor:

An ac contactor is a mechanical relay that uses low voltage power from the thermostat to provide high ampere current to the compressor and condenser fan. Even if they are working properly, they are usually replaced every five years.

Step viii] a test of repairs:

1. Reinstallation of the access panel and disconnect block.

2. Turn on the furnace switch and circuit breaker and wait for ac to start.

3. Checking to spin the condenser fan and running of the compressor.

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