In many American cities, bed bugs are common. Bed bugs are microscopic parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. The state of Michigan is big, and a couple of its metro areas have the highest rates of bed bugs. Orkin, a well-known pest control firm, just announced its latest list of the top 50 cities in the United States with bedbugs, and four locations in Michigan cut.

The cities in Michigan with the most bed bugs include:

  • Detroit:

It is the fourth-worst city in Michigan for bed bugs, ranking as the fourth-worst city in the state.

  • Grand Rapids:

Grand Rapids drops from tenth to eleventh place.

  • Flint:

It has dropped from 22nd to 23rd place.

  • Lansing:

Lansing maintains its position as the 48th most populous city in the United States.


The cities with the greatest rates of bed bugs in Michigan include Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, and Lansing. Even though bed bug infestation rates have decreased in three Michigan communities, the rate in Detroit has skyrocketed. According to this study, bed bug infestations remain a problem in these cities. It can be difficult to control insect infestations if efforts are ineffective, neglected, or ignorant. Your extermination efforts will not always be successful against bed bugs because they are cunning and can elude you. So, if you want to get rid of bed bugs, you should hire a Detroit pest control specialist.

Bed bugs are easily brought into people’s homes unwittingly due to their cryptic and nocturnal lifestyle. As a result, it is crucial to be aware of the possibility of bed bug infestation and bed bug extermination Chicago il.


To help passengers prevent bedbugs while traveling, follow these five simple steps (abbreviated as S. L. E. E. P. ):


Take a look at the hotel room you reserved. Keep an eye out for minor rusty stains on mattresses, bedding, and furnishings.


Lift and inspect spots where bed bugs are likely to hide. Furniture, picture frames, and beds are among the most vulnerable places.


Elevate your items out of reach of bed bugs. This covers regions away from the bed, such as the restroom.


When you return home, inspect your luggage with great care, and don’t be afraid to store it away from the bed, furniture, or wall.

Place your clothes and other dryer-safe items in the dryer for at least 10-15 minutes. When you get home, drying your clothes with heat can help you avoid bed bugs.