4 Lawn Care Tips for New Homeowners

Quick, think about the biggest crop in America. Corn or wheat may come to mind. But in reality, turfgrass is America’s most irrigated crop, with more than 63,000 square miles being covered with turfgrass.

This may make lawn care seem easy. In reality, it can be a struggle to keep your grass and flowers alive. You need to learn a few lawn care tips right now.

What should you use to care for your lawn? What should you do if you have grassy or clay soil? When exactly should you trim your grass?

Answer these questions, and you can create a beautiful lawn in no time. Here are four points you should follow.

1. Get the Perfect Tools

You can perform lawn care by yourself, as long as you have the right tools for it. At a minimum, you need a lawnmower, spade, and hose to water your plants.

Yet you can buy more advanced tools. An aerator will dig holes in your soil, allowing water and fertilizer to get to the roots of your grass. You can also use a fruit picker to trim branches and flowers that are hard for you to reach.

2. Understand Your Soil

You can have a few different kinds of soil. Loam soil is a mixture of clay, sand, and silt, each of which provides nutrients for plants and grass to grow. But you may have soil that is primarily sand or clay, which can make it hard to perform lawn maintenance.

Dig a few holes into your yard to see what kind of soil you have. If you have soil rich in sand, you should water your lawn frequently as water does not cling to sand. For soil with clay in it, you should add organic matter like grass trimmings to it so plants can lay their roots.

3. Adopt a Mowing Schedule

You do not have to mow your lawn every day. But you should mow your lawn on a frequent basis, so you don’t have very tall grass or persistent weeds.

Find a particular day during your week when you can spend a couple of hours mowing your lawn. You should try watering your lawn on a different day, so you don’t exhaust yourself or move the soil too much.

4. Destroy Your Weeds

As soon as you spot a weed, you need to remove it from your garden. You can use your spade to break its roots and pull it out of the ground.

But this may not be enough to kill all weeds because they can lay their seeds in the soil. You should contact lawn professionals who can dig for seeds and spray pesticides in your yard. You can visit websites like heartlandturf.com to see what lawn services are available for you.

Get a Handle on Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care tips are simple yet profound. You need a good set of tools to tend to your lawn, particularly a lawnmower and spade.

You should adapt your lawn care techniques to your soil, providing water and turf for plants to lay their roots. Try mowing once a week, so you don’t forget. You can take steps to kill weeds yourself, but you should go to professionals if you have a lot of them.

Lawn care is just one way you can improve your residential space. Read more home improvement guides by following our report.