3 Types of Heating Services for Your Home

Considering upgrading from your old heating service? You’re not alone. Around 29{5ab75762cf707683d7af2475431dd95a23fbc9cf5cb8a45517116f350cf35bde} of US households report having home heating equipment that’s older than 15 years and as temperatures start to drop, you might be noticing it’s just not heating as well as it used to.

Before you call your heating repair service, it might be worth upgrading altogether. Find out what heating services there are out there to keep you and your home warm with our easy guide. Whether you’re after both heating and cooling or something more eco-friendly this time around, there’s a heating service that’s right for you.

1) Furnaces

The majority of homes around the country depend on a central furnace. These systems are a modern evolution of the heating technology humans have been using since seeking warmth in front of a fire: burning fuel to create heat.

Furnaces are forced air distribution systems that work by blowing heated air through ducts which then deliver the warm air to rooms around your house via air grills or registers. This type of heating service can be powered by electricity, fuel oil, or propane but most homes tend to use natural gas because it’s low-emission, packed with energy, and is generally inexpensive. Unlike a traditional fireplace that only heats the space immediately around it, the fire from a single furnace can heat an entire home.

Some pros and cons of furnaces include:

  • Forced air combines heating and cooling in one system
  • Gas furnaces can pose a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, or explosions
  • An inexpensive option for heating

2) Heat Pumps

A heat pump service is a new style of home heating system. They are suited to moderate climates because they can do the part of both heating and cooling and operate similar to an air conditioner.

A heat pump works by pulling heat from the surrounding air to warm a space. It uses a small outdoor compressor and indoor air handlers that can be distributed throughout different rooms in your house. Heat pumps are often more efficient than other types of heating services because they use electricity and refrigerant to transfer heat instead of generating it directly like a gas furnace.

Pros and cons to consider include:

  • Can provide both heating and cooling
  • No ductwork is required
  • Only works in moderate climates

3) Active Solar Heating

Solar heating services create energy from either air or liquid which is then transferred into your home. These systems rely on energy from the sun and the heat gets stored if it is not used.

When there isn’t enough energy to be gathered from the solar system, a backup energy source can kick in to provide heat for your home. Active solar heating is usually supplemented by boilers, heat pumps, or radiant heating systems. Solar systems can be an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and a great way to save money on your next bill.

Some of the pros and cons of this system include:

  • A more eco approach to home heating
  • Can reduce your fuel bills
  • Still relies on traditional heating systems to operate

Learn More About The Best Heating Services

With so many options out there, you wouldn’t be blamed for being overwhelmed by the choice of heating services. These are just the tip of the iceberg so if you’re keen to learn more about home heating, heating efficiency, and even commercial heating services, head to our Home Improvement section.