How to Decorate a Small Bedroom to Look Bigger

Did you know Americans spend nearly half their lives in their bedrooms?

A good portion of that time is spent sleeping but making the best use of the space can make you more comfortable both while you’re sleeping and awake.

If the room you have to work with is on the smaller side, figuring out how best to decorate it can be tricky which is why you should check out on bedroom interior design tips. So, keep reading to learn how to decorate a small bedroom to your liking without overwhelming the space!

Use Vertical Space

One area of any room that often gets neglected is the vertical space in a room. The best bedroom design for a smaller room includes using up this forgotten about space.

You can do so by adding shelves to house items instead of having them on the floor or a table.

Another option is getting a loft bed so you can enjoy your sleeping space while still having room underneath for things like a desk.

Finally, remember no matter what type of furniture you purchase, try to choose the right size. No matter how well you utilize the space, buying large furniture that barely fits will make the room look and feel tiny.

There are many ways to use furniture to your advantage in smaller rooms. Most furniture stores will have plenty of options to create a bedroom you love with adequate space to enjoy.

Choose Colors Carefully

You might have many different bedroom decor ideas to pick from, but there’s one crucial thing to keep in mind: colors matter.

The colors you choose to decorate a space with always matter, but they do even more in a smaller area. If you use too many colors or choose colors that don’t pair well, the room can feel overwhelming and hectic.

Try enhancing the small space by using neutral colors as the base and choosing a few colors to use as pops of color within the room.

Strike a Balance

Another thing to keep in mind for how to decorate a bedroom on the smaller side is striking a balance between decorating and cluttering the room.

Adding something simple like pillows to the bed can add decor without taking up additional space. Wall art is another great option to add interest to the room.

However, things like vases of flowers, oversized rugs, and other items can overwhelm the space and make it appear smaller. Less is more with small bedrooms.

Decorate a Small Bedroom: Keep It Simple

The best way to decorate a small bedroom is by keeping the room simple and polished.

If you can avoid adding too many extra things to the space, take advantage of vertical options, and strike a balance with colors and another decor, you’ll be in a good place!

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