Why Does My Basement Flood During Heavy Rain?

Several reasons are responsible for basement flooding. The most prominent cause of flooding in the basement is the lack of or damage to the existing basement waterproofing. To understand the common causes of basement flooding when your basement waterproofing is poor, here are the 5 reasons why your basement floods during heavy rain:

1. Hot Water Tank Failure

Hot water tank failure is one of the most common causes of water damage. If the hot water tank fails, it will cause the entire home to be filled with water. If you are fortunate to be at home when it happens, you can shut off the supply line. However, if nobody is at home to curtail further damages, the water will flow throughout the entire house and find its way to the basement. And the whole basement will be flooded.

2. Failed Backflow or Backward Valve

A backflow or backwater valve is usually installed to prevent sewer backup that can happen in any home, regardless of having your house on a hill. The backflow valve prevents flooding and protects the home from sewer surges. But if the backflow valve has become damaged, the sewer will back up quickly, and the basement will become flooded.

3. Rainfall and Snow

Another significant cause of basement flooding is heavy rainfall and snow. By the time the snow melts, the overall water level will have increased and caused the basement to be flooded. To prevent basement flooding caused by rainfall or melting snow, ensure that your basement waterproofing is completed successfully and maintained regularly. Hence, the basement will be able to handle the severity of the weather in your area.

4. Unsuitable Home Location

If your house is built on sloped terrains, the chances are that your basement will always be flooded whenever it rains. The reason is that water flows freely towards the location of the house. Building your house with the surrounding sloping towards the home will always cause basement flooding.

5. Surface Intrusion

When there is a hurricane followed by heavy rainfall, even the best basement waterproofing cannot avoid the effects of the massive flooding that will take place in the city. Many things usually happen together during this kind of incidence. There may be a power outage, which will leave your sump pump without the energy to evacuate the water in the basement.