Which animals make great house pets?

If you’re thinking about bringing an animal into your home, but you don’t know which pet would be the best, let us help you decide with our list of the best house pets…


A lot of people decide against getting a dog because they think they are too expensive or too much work, and it’s true you should only get a dog if you’re committed to loving and caring for one, but they are far easier to look after than you As long as you can afford a regular supply of wet dog food, grooming products and pet insurance  you don’t need to spend much on your dog.. What your dog does need is lots of love and attention. Dogs need to be walked and played with regularly, and ideally should not be left alone for more than four hours.

That might seem like a challenge for some of you, but remember you get a lot back -love, loyalty, companionship and better physical and mental health for starters!


Domestic cats are a great alternative to dogs. Although they are often more aloof than dogs, they can be affectionate, and they’re definitely intelligent enough that you can have a lot of fun with them, but they don’t demand quite as much attention as dogs. As long as you feed them and take them to the vet when necessary, most cats are pretty self-sufficient.

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Rabbits are a pretty popular choice of house pets. Many people are surprised to hear you can keep rabbits inside the home, but if you’re willing to litter train them, it is possible to have them running around indoors. Of course, you can also keep them in a hutch if that would be easier. 

They may not be as intelligent as cats and dogs, but you can teach rabbits lots of tricks if you’re patient, and stroking their super-soft fur is a great way to keep the stress at bay. 


Hamsters are often the first pet that children are given responsibility for and it is easy to see why. They’re cute and fluffy and they really do love engaging with their human owners.

They typically live in a cage, and keeping them healthy is as simple as cleaning out their cage regularly and feeding them a healthy diet. They can be pesky should they escape – they can hide out in the strangest of places – but if you’re looking for a rewarding but low-maintenance pet, they are hard to beat.


A lot of people buy fish as pets because they think that they are very low-maintenance indeed. This is sort of true, but if you want to really care for your fish and keep them healthy, you do need to clean out their tanks regularly, monitor their food intake and take them to the vet if they are showing signs of sickness. On the plus size, they are pretty self-contained, and they can be absolutely mesmerizing to look at.

We hope this helps you choose the very best pet to join you in your home.