What to Consider Before Moving to California

The Golden State is golden for good reason. Nearly five million people moved to California during the 2010s. They were attracted to beautiful California beaches and warm California weather.

But you shouldn’t call a moving company and book a flight west just yet. There are some things you need to consider before you start moving to California.

What do you need to do with your house? What does the housing market look like in the state? How can you create an easy transition at work?

Answer these questions and you can make your pain-free move to California. Here is your quick guide.

Sell Your House

If you don’t have someone to sell your house to, work with a realtor. Visit different groups like Carolina Houses For Sale and see what you need to do to sell your property.

Your realtor will take some sort of commission. But try to get as much money for yourself as possible. If you cannot sell your house for a good price, you should not move.

Many people forget about their current residence in their rush to move to a new one. You must continue to maintain your house, even after you secure a sale for it. Clean your floors and put fresh coats of paint on the walls.

Look Into the California Housing Market

Once you’re secure in selling your house, you can look to buy a new property in California. California history suggests that you will run into difficulty finding a cheap place to live.

The median home price in the state hit a record high in May 2021. Home sales dropped by 2.7 percent in May as potential homebuyers struggled to secure sales.

Try finding an apartment or condo before moving into a single-family house. If you have a family, you can find multi-bedroom apartments in most cities. They may be a little pricey, but they are cheaper than houses are.

Prepare Your Job

You should not move to California if you might jeopardize your current job. Even if you live in a neighboring state, you are distancing yourself from clients and future opportunities.

If you are staying within the same company, talk to your boss about what you can do to ease the transition. Remain in contact with the office closest to where you are moving to. See if you get your paperwork done ahead of time so you can get to work right away.

If you are taking a new opportunity, you should stay in touch with your new boss. Ask them for suggestions on how you can break the ice with the other people in your office.

What to Do Before Moving to California

Moving to California is a great idea. Finding a buyer for your house before you move is a better idea. Work with a local realtor to get a lot of money.

The housing market is difficult, especially for people looking for single-family homes. Prepare to rent an apartment until prices drop.

Keep in mind that you are putting distance between yourself and your current connections. Stay close to your boss and file the necessary paperwork to move to another job opportunity.

You may need a lot of knowledge for your move. Find more moving guides by following our coverage.