What Research Shows on Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Basically, a lighting retrofit is when you upgrade your traditional system of lighting to all LED lights. In most cases where this is done, a business owner can save energy and maintenance costs by up to 70{bf73e0dbbc27e32fc22581bb88bdcf8ac7e0541fa1cb03e006664452a9460204} almost instantly together with a large increase in the quality of lighting. Usually, in most cases, an upgrade such as this to any lighting system will pay for itself within the first 2 years. That is a 50 percent return-on-investment and it does not get much better than that.


If you will research at www.poliledsigns.com you can find many reasons to consider upgrading a lighting system in your facility or business. Some of the most common knowledge that helps customers understands if they need to upgrade their system includes:

  • Current cost of lighting up your facility
  • Reduced energy usage after a lighting retrofit
  • Enhanced investment in property value
  • Energy-saving projects qualifying for incentives from the local utility provider
  • Reducing operating costs while increasing light quality


As you can see, better lighting offers energy savings as well as reduced overhead. As a business owner you can experience:

  • Better light quality
  • Improved safety on site
  • Increased productivity

Since all lighting projects vary, it is important to educate yourself from the start with the knowledge to make it a huge success. That means doing a lot of research and reading about other light retrofitting projects.


You should conclude that you need to consider switching to LED lights if your property has old fluorescent, halogen, or high-intensity discharge lamps. You will also learn that for every second of old lights burning, you will pay more than you will pay when you retrofit to LEDs. This is how important retrofitting to LEDs is to save money for your business.