What Premium Grade Sheepskin Will Have in Qualities? 

Because of its texture that is plush and rich, and its beautiful appearance, rugs of sheepskin will add luxury to any room in your home. But there are many different types available, so how do you pick the rug with the best qualities?

Places to shop

There are many places to shop for sheepskin rugs or throws but many people are happy with rugs they find at Sam’s Club. Those with the best qualities include:

  • Wool Density
  • Loft
  • Length
  • Color
  • Feel

Wool loft and density

With sheepskin rugs, the density of the wool is referring to the number of fibers of wool per square inch. Sheepskin of high-grade like Australian sheepskin has a very high density of wool, mainly due to the breed of the sheep that it came from. Also important is the loft of the wool or its ability to stay straight and upright. Sheepskin rugs that are lower quality might flatten out quickly or its fibers might become:

  • Tangled
  • Curly
  • Matted

Those of higher quality have wool fibers that will retain their loft quite beautifully.

Wool length

Premium grade sheepskin rugs must have both the needed wool density as well as length – which is a minimum of 65 mm. Lower grades might have the needed length but fibers aren’t dense enough so the long fibers of the wool will not be able to keep its loft making the rug look shaggy.


The sheepskin that is high-quality will have a natural ivory tone, be unmarred by any stains or discolorations in the underlying wool. The sheepskin that is premium in other colors should still display that same clean look showing no imperfections.

Other attributes

Other attributes of high-quality sheepskin are that it has a soft, silky feeling. Plush to the touch, premium sheepskin adds that luxurious comfort no matter where you have it in your home. Next to your bed, on the couch or just tossed over your favorite chair, no matter where you put it you will be able to feel the difference of higher-end sheepskin. High quality will show up when you touch it.