What Mattresses Do Hotels Use? – Know What Do They Consider?

Many of us have stayed in hotels when traveling to a favorite destination. These beds have been designed to provide great comfort to a range of people. Also, most hotels use a flippable or double-sided mattress to extend a mattress life span.

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What do hotels consider when purchasing a mattress?

The following are a few things that help you in purchasing comfortable new mattresses (same as in a hotel). They include:


Double-sided mattresses are the top-most priority of most hotels around 20 years ago. As a part of a cost-cutting measure, mattress manufacturers started selling one-sided mattresses instead of double-sided mattresses. Many hotels are using adjustable base beds, so the demand for one-sided mattresses is increasing in the last few years.

Medium comfort

Some mattresses make you feel soft as a pillow, while others give a floor-like hard or rough feel. Most hotels will choose medium comfort mattresses that please a range of sleepers.

Edge support

A mattress edge will wear out with time. It must be resistant to durability and allow sleeping faster without any roll-out feeling.

Durable coils

It is a known fact that the coil system will wear out after a few years, so hotels choose a mattress that contain high-quality coil designs made by using heat-tempered steel. 

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What are the common mattresses used in hotels?

The common mattresses used in hotels are:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Air mattresses

Even though hotel mattresses are made the same way as domestic mattresses, they differ in comfort-wise. It is because hotels purchase mattresses from reputed stores, which offer fine-quality mattresses. So, gather information about a trustworthy mattress store and order comfortable mattresses today depending on your preferences to enjoy good sleep at night.