What Causes A Basement To Flood?

We all fear water damage to our homes. And we all look for ways to prevent it as best as possible. But did you know that the main request for water damage restoration comes as a direct result of basement flooding? Well, our experts say that basements represent the most vulnerable part of our homes, especially when it comes to flooding.

As such, this issue can happen at any time, no matter the season we’re in. It is always best to ask for professional water damage restoration so that you avoid structural damage to your home and similar other issues. This is why our experts recommend water damage restoration by a professional, especially if you experience one or more of the following causes for basement flooding.

1. Issues with basement insulation

The leading cause of basement water damage and flooding is improper sealing. When a house is built, the basement and the foundation around it require special sealing approaches. This is meant to prevent outside environmental factors from damaging the structural integrity of your home. And, of course, it protects your basement from flooding in case of severe rainstorms or floods.

2. Issues with the drainage system

Another common cause of basement flooding is the drainage system. This is meant to remove water in your home and to prevent it from lingering around. Hence, if there is a failure in your drainage system, you most likely will experience flooding. Thus, if you are looking forward to ways on how to avoid water damage to your home, it is highly recommended to ask a professional to perform an inspection.

3. Issues with downspouts

In case you didn’t know already, downspouts are used to redirect water away from your house and its foundation. The general rule says that these need to be positioned at least six feet away from your basement wall and drain. And experts say that if this system is inadequately installed, it increases the chances of experiencing basement flooding.

4. Issues with maintenance and debris

Of course, taking all the measures to ensure you won’t experience basement flooding is not enough without proper maintenance. Besides making sure your drainage system works smoothly, you should check for gutter debris. Gutters can clog with all sorts of things, including leaves, twigs, or any other kind of debris. And this can prevent water from flowing correctly, which in turn will overflow your gutters. As a result, you might experience flooding in your basement, which will most likely require water damage restoration.

5. Issues with your water supply system

This is a cause that might include burst pipes, cracked pipes, hot water tank malfunctions, or even sump pump failure. It would be best if you always remembered that such problems might happen due to aging pipes or inferior installation methods. Hence, it is highly recommended to ask for the services of a professional and keep an eye on the yearly maintenance requirements. This is the safest way to prevent water damage to your home and make sure there will be no basement flooding anytime soon.