Wear the Right Protective Gears to Stay Safe from Asbestos

Even though now we all know of the fact that asbestosis carcinogen in nature, back in the days it was widely used. This clearly means that there were several old buildings, schools, houses, hospitals and even offices that were built with the help of asbestos. This is because people were not aware of the fact of how dreadful it is for the human body. No wonder, its usage got eventually banned. But now people are working hard to completely remove asbestos from buildings which have already been built by it.

Asbestos has a huge impact on the environment we live in. It was used quite widely as an insulator for shipping, automobile and the construction industry. It is fibrous in nature, which is why it is quite flexible and tensile in nature too. This is why finding it now in older buildings is quite a common thing. The ones that have not been renovated or remodeled for a long time now. But know this that it can only become dangerous for the human body when it starts to release microscopic fibers in the air. When done so, it can get inhaled easily or you can get the fibers ingested too. Once it enters the body, the chances of cancerous tumors to form get common.

The products that have asbestos and can release its flake are known as friable materials. This is why when workers have to deal with asbestos, then they should never miss out on the PPS asbestos product range. You get all the protective gear and safety kits that you need, to keep yourself safe from asbestos and its harmful side effects.

There are several safety apparatus and gears that workers should be asked to wear when they have the chance to come in contact with asbestos. We have mentioned about a few of them below:

Respirators or masks

Make sure that you get masks cover the face properly. It should be made out of good material so that it is capable of keeping the fibers of the asbestos from entering the mouth while breathing.


It is necessary that it also covered the feet of the person who is about to come in contact with asbestos. Make sure that after using it you threw it away, disposable ones are always best to rely upon. This way, it will remove the chances of the fibers to spread in the air.

Rubber gloves

Ensure that the gloves are made of good material and dispose of them post usage.