Some Lighting Fixture Options That Homeowners Can Consider

People are drawn to minimalism with its clean lines and open space that stands out amongst highly decorative styles. And when it comes to kitchen remodeling, lighting is an essential factor. Lighting can be elevated as a focal point of a minimalist kitchen. Here are some lighting fixture options that homeowners can consider. 

Recessed Lighting

Crisp lines and subtlety are basic features in modern minimalist design. Using recessed lighting to highlight straight lines in walls, furniture, or other permanent fixtures is a clever approach to transforming a room into a minimalistic one. 

Crown molding is a natural alternative to indirect, recessed lighting on the ceiling. The color palette for minimalist design is usually limited to white tints with black for contrast. Indirect recessed lighting could be a fun method to match your design to your home. 

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Wall Sconces

Stretch your bounds, and don’t just settle for a hanging light overhead when choosing lighting fixtures to complement basic and streamlined design components in the minimalist kitchen. Adding a mixed-metal wall sconce will help break up the white space. The colors will pop against the softer neutrals, and the sconce’s height may provide the illusion of more space. Use a swing arm to create interest, or experiment with different heights and sizes of sconces.

Pendant Light

If your area doesn’t allow for a chandelier, using pendant light fixtures can be a great alternative. A single pendant, like sconces or wall lamps, can dramatically enhance the height of a room while adding personality. 

Choosing which lighting fixtures to pick can be a tricky decision. Fortunately, kitchen remodeling companies Fullerton like Mr. Cabinet Care can assist homeowners in making the right lighting, color, and layout choices to achieve the minimalist style.

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