Security tips for domestic heating oil tanks

Fuel distributors conwy wales and traders have been reporting an increase in the number of heating oil thefts across the country. Thieves are often attracted to heating oil tanks due to the valuable commodity contained within them – some popular targets include those in rural areas that aren’t directly connected to the mains gas network, meaning they have to rely on alternative fuels such as heating oil or LPG (which can also be stolen). So what should you do to keep your tank secure? We take a look at some options below.

Use locks

Whilst an empty tank is relatively worthless to a thief, a full one can be much more tempting. The best way to prevent fuel theft from a property’s heating system is to make sure your fuel tank cannot be accessed by anyone other than yourself and your domestic or commercial installer. Locks can ensure that no one has access to your tank when you’re not around – so install some if you don’t already have them!


The location of your tank is a key factor in how secure it is from theft. If you’re in a rural area, where thieves are unlikely to be disturbed by people walking past, or passing traffic and houses, then choosing a hidden spot may work well. If you’re in an urban area it’s worth placing your tank somewhere visible from passing vehicles so that passers-by can see there isn’t anyone near it and report any unusual activity around it.

Security lighting

If you’re using an outside storage tank, make sure to invest in a good lighting system—ideally solar-powered. This will not only keep intruders at bay, but it will also help prevent accidental spills or leaks that could damage your property and harm the environment. If you can afford it, it’s worth installing a web camera too; some companies even provide a real-time view of what’s happening with your tank.


Installing a fence around your property could be essential if you live in an area with high instances of fuel theft, or if you live in a rural area where criminals might try to break into your tank to steal fuel. However, fencing your tank is not without its risks. You may find that it has unwanted consequences on wildlife and local traffic (such as blocking views of road junctions), and installing fences can also significantly increase costs compared to other security methods.


It is a good idea to install a CCTV system to monitor your fuel storage area. This may deter intruders and, in many cases, will provide solid evidence should you need it in court. The size of your site will dictate how many cameras you might need.

Be vigilant

The majority of oil tank thefts go unreported. But with instances of fuel theft rising across Wales, we’re urging homeowners to report any unusual activity in their local area so we can put a stop to these scams. The less visible these criminals are, the harder it is for us to track them down. So please be vigilant if you suspect anything suspicious and report your concerns as soon as possible.