Preventive Maintenance on Windows and Clogged Gutters

It is advisable for homeowners as well as the owners of commercial buildings to have the windows professionally cleaned by a window cleaning service at least once a year if not more. This is especially advisable if you live in an area where winter is rather harsh with sleet, snow or icy rain. So, before summer hits, it would be a good time to have this done.

Gutter cleaning

At the same time, many window cleaners will also take care of rain gutter cleaning. After a harsh fall and winter, the rain can often be seen to flow over your gutters, and this means that they are possibly clogged with leaves and other debris. This will cause dirty water to overflow and drip or drop water on areas all-around your house or building causing roofing problems as well as produce bad smells from the inactivity of water to drain. This not only can make your house smell but also makes a good breeding ground for all types of pests.


Many good companies that do window cleaning in Sacramento, CA also provide gutter cleaning and all this necessary preventive maintenance can be done at the same time. All this maintenance is important to keep your home to maintain its resale value. Plus, if these two items are not done you will eventually need to do some type of roof or glass repair which can in many cases be costly. Often, if this has gone on without any maintenance for several years, you might end up needing a new roof or a new gutter system. Both are quite expensive to have replaced.

Chaotic weather

If you live in an area where the weather during fall, winter or spring is chaotic, it is so important to have this preventive maintenance done sometime in the summer.