Natural Mouse Repellents: 5 Options That Actually Work

Did you know that New York City has over 3,000 reported mice infestations? Undoubtedly, many cities across the United States have suffered from mice infestations, especially since cities are their main source of shelter and food. Unfortunately, even conventional mice removal has proven ineffective in removing these pests.

Would you like to learn the best natural mouse repellents? If so, we invite you to stick around as we give some professional DIY mouse repellent tips that’ll keep your home safe from these home invaders.

1. Cayenne Pepper

As you can imagine, most animals (and even some humans) detest the taste and smell of spicy condiments like cayenne pepper or paprika. So, an effective way to get rid of mice is by spraying a mix of water and cayenne pepper onto areas where the mice like to roam. But, of course, you shouldn’t spray this mix on furniture as it’ll stain them and cause them to smell bad.

And if the mice infestation continues to affect your home, then you should consider looking into rodent extermination services.

2. Mothballs

As you can guess, there are many different types of mouse repellents, but most of them leave the mice unharmed. So, if you want to get rid of mice for good, you’ll want to use mothballs since they tend to eat them and shortly afterward die. But, of course, you’ll need to be careful where you put them, as mothballs are also toxic for pets.

3. Citronella Oil

Mice and rats have a highly sensitive sense of smell, which means that any citrus scent will be strong enough to get rid of mice. And one of the strongest citrus scents you can use in your home is citronella. On the plus side, citronella oil will deter mosquitoes from entering it and keep your home smelling clean.

4. Steel Wool

Mice are well-known to bite through almost anything, from wood to cables. But, one material that mice have trouble nibbling through is steel wool since it hurts their teeth. So, you should place bundles of steel wool in different access points around your home, especially in areas where you’ve seen the mice enter.

5. Predator Scent

As previously mentioned, mice have developed a highly sensitive nose, which means they can instantly smell a predator. So, an effective mouse repellent you can use is placing owl feathers (or any other predator-like bird) in the vicinity of your home. Alternatively, you can spray mongoose urine, but that leaves your home with a pungent odor.

Try These Natural Mouse Repellents

Hopefully, by trying one of these natural mouse repellents, you’ll be able to avoid having a mouse infestation in your home. But, of course, some mice infestations require professional help, so don’t hesitate to contact a pest control company to help you out. And don’t forget to save this post for future reference!

Did you find these tips helpful in removing mice from your home? If so, feel free to browse through our other pest-related articles before you go!