Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Tiny Spaces

Some ideas for kitchen remodeling Newport Beach can help owners maximize the limited space of small kitchens. When designing a kitchen space, homeowners must consider cabinetry since it is a pillar of a stunning kitchen look. It can make or break a kitchen, which is why it must be regarded even if there is a small space to work with for the design.

When planning for kitchen designs with the help of kitchen remodeling companies Rancho Palos Verdes, one must ensure that in tiny kitchens, the goal is to make the space look extensive and open. Mounting cabinets with glass doors is a creative kitchen cabinet design idea for homeowners with small kitchen spaces. 

Glass doors can reflect light across a room, which gives the area the feeling of a larger space. Displaying a decorative plate or framed artwork in glass door cabinets can give a kitchen a more spacious look. But if the budget is limited, homeowners can replace the solid fronts of cabinets with glass. It is also a wise option to consider, especially if the cabinet boxes are still intact and in mint condition.

Aside from glass door cabinets, homeowners can also contemplate purchasing a kitchen island for their small kitchen. It can help improve a kitchen’s worktop and countertop space as it can double as extra dining space and storage for other kitchen items. A small kitchen island can also be a place for various kitchen appliances used to prepare meals, such as a dishwasher, microwave, or cooling system.

Another kitchen cabinet design idea for a small kitchen is opting for open shelves. As cabinet doors tend to knock into one another, freeing a cabinet door for open shelves can help give a kitchen a more spacious feel. 

For more details about the different kitchen cabinet design ideas for small kitchens, check this infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care.

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