How To Brighten Up a Dark Room

Did you know that being in the light can increase cognitive abilities and lower the risk of depression? Because of this, it’s important that we light up any dark room that we spend a lot of time in.

But how can you add light to these spaces? Read on for some interior design tips that will make sure that your house feels like a healthy, happy home.

Add Some Natural Light

Letting natural light into your room is one of the best ways to light it up. Get blinds that roll up all the way to put over your windows. Make sure that you position chairs, couches, and desks near windows that let sunlight into your home.

If you’re committed to the energy boost from sunshine, you can perform renovations to your home itself that make it easier to get natural light. Install larger windows or create a sunroom where you can rest, work, or exercise. These are great for your year-round mental and physical health.

Use Floodlights in Certain Areas

Some areas of your room are going to need more lighting than others. If you want to have a bright spot, floodlights are a great choice. They’re simple and minimalistic, so they don’t detract from other features of the room.

Floodlights also tend to be bright and functional. If there’s a chair that you like to sit in and read, you can use floodlights to keep it well-lit.

Consider Adding a Table Lamp

Lamps for living room tables come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. You’re sure to find something that matches your overall interior decor. This will add something to your room to draw it together or create a pop of color in an area that needs it.

Table lamps are especially good ideas for areas where you like to relax. At nighttime, you can turn off the harsher lights around the room and switch on a table lamp. You can then use its soft glow to play games or relax with a partner or family member.

This makes it easier to wind down without worrying about harsh lighting keeping you awake.

Choose Lighting You Love

This may sound obvious, but make sure that you take the time to select lighting fixtures that you like. Browse all of your options and consider them on an aesthetic level.

Do you like sharper edges or more rounded ones on light fixtures? Do you like shades of a specific type? Are you going for a gorgeous antique look or a clean contemporary aesthetic?

Make sure to answer these questions and select something that perfectly matches your space and your tastes.

More on Brightening Up a Dark Room

Now that you know how to make a dark room look bright and beautiful, it’s time to learn more about lighting options for your space.

Check out the “interior design” tab on your home page to read about the various lamps and shades that you can invest in. You also might want to take a look at the “home improvement” section of the site to learn more about how you can make your house look bold and bright in all areas.