How Porcelain Won the Market?

The world of business is competitive and the it is really tough to be a player of long race. But porcelain has made its mark and is still a popular choice. The tiles can be used both inside and outside which increases its ranges of usage. Not only floor and walls, these tiles can be part of your outside area like the parking space as well. Many home owners choose these tiles for both inside and outside usage. There are actually good reasons for making porcelain a part of your home.

Sturdy and durable

Porcelain is basically ceramics that has gone through higher temperature. The clay used in it is also denser and finer which makes it tougher and stronger. The temperature and texture of clay adds to the durability and make the tiles stand out from ceramics. Porcelain can easily handle heavy pressure like foot fall in commercial spaces. Falling of sharp or heavy objects does not usually cause any harm to the tiles. This is what makes porcelain an ideal choice for flooring. These tiles are the undisputed king of durability.

Through-bodied vs glazed porcelain

Natural minerals along with clay and sand make through-bodied porcelain tile tougher. The toughness makes it a wise choice for wall coverings and floors. As these come in various styles and patterns, one can choose to match with the aesthetics. Presence of lesser pores make it perfect for places where there will be water. Porcelain can be easily be a part of bathroom and kitchen- places where spillage is quite common. Its non-slippery quality makes it a safer floor material. Glazed porcelain has a better stain resilient and glossy surface. The added shine and color make it perfect to fit your aesthetics.

These are best for bringing out the stylistic and decorative quality. The distinctive appeal and beauty have made porcelain tiles (กระเบื้องพอร์ซเลน, term in Thai) a common sight in many buildings. The absorption rate makes it perfect for flooring. It is easier to clean these tiles and maintenance is literally not a costly affair. Even kitchen stains can be easily removed with regular cleaners without causing any damage to the beauty and shine.


Once installed, porcelain can be there for your lifetime. Scratch proof and durable, these tiles can remain there for all the time without giving you any chance to complain. Proper installation is necessary to ensure longevity.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining porcelain is not that a tough job. The tiles can be easily cleaned with regular cleaners. Wiping and vacuuming on a daily basis is enough to keep the tiles in proper shape. Using recommended cleaners once a month can keep the tiles in proper shape for a long time. Cleaning methods can be different for different types of tiles and it is necessary to follow these. But porcelain maintenance is not that of a tough thing. Following just a few things a few times a month will ensure beauty and longevity. There will be no need to replace your tiles any sooner.