Home Inspection Guidelines to Follow during COVID

Since COVID-19 has taken over a lot of businesses have been affected, not only that some urgent tasks of people have also been put on halt due to this pandemic. Though it’s nonetheless to say that some things can’t wait for anything, and a perfect example of that case would be a Home inspection in Texas. Keeping this scenario in mind we have brought some guidelines which can help other home inspectors in Texas as well.

Follow Social Distancing:

Even if you are inspecting the house, make sure that you are standing at a distance with your client. Interacting is important in the field work of home inspection in Texas, however, it’s also essential to work things out while following the guidelines.

Online Supervision:

One of the things which can be done is giving the option to customers of not attending the inspection site, rather you can share the recording of the inspection with them if they want. Providing a video walkthrough of the house, highlighting the problems in order that the client gets a feel of the home inspection and a summary, virtually.

Using Gloves with protection:

Home inspection in Texas tools ought to be used solely with gloves donned. so should be the surfaces that are touched throughout the examination. Also, home inspectors should wear masks at all times, while traveling to and from the inspections and more importantly throughout the home inspections. Also carry spare masks, just in case you need them for the customer.

Make Hand Sanitizer your best friend:

This is an unspoken rule. You need to carry hand sanitizer everywhere with you and use it religiously.

Payment Option:

Make sure to follow the trend and give them the option of online payment to your clients, that way you’ll follow zero transmission rules and there will be no scope of virus transmission.

Report Option:

Just like a payment option, make sure to provide the client with the online report. This will ensure they will have the record for a long period of time.

Be on Call:

For follow up questions, please always be on call for the client. That way you can avoid going to the site again and even if there are any emergencies you can just ask them to switch to the video call mode and show you around.

Home inspections in Texas are an important part of the home-buying method. COVID-19 has modified however inspections happen. to ensure the protection of everybody concerned, fewer individuals are encouraged to attend, and everybody who is attending is encouraged to wear a mask, follow safe social distancing, wash hands and sanitize something they bite.