Fence Designs: The Trends Shaping Front Lawns

A good dose of curb appeal can add up to 7{5ab75762cf707683d7af2475431dd95a23fbc9cf5cb8a45517116f350cf35bde} to the value of your home. And, even though we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, let’s be real; most of us do. 

Pulling up to a tidy home with a gorgeous garden and neatly trimmed property line is always a treat for the eyes. Best of all, fence designs are as varied as the stars in the midnight sky. 

Get ready to trim your yard and maintain your privacy. Whether you have a love for all things mid-century or a desire for an English country garden, we’ll set you up with the right design. Here are some of the best trends out there today. 

Modern Horizontal Slats

Here, the picket has done a pivot and gone sideways. We love the curb appeal created by this look. It takes (typically) wooden slats, turns them horizontally, and lines them up. 

With this modern fence, you can go short with, say, ten slats. Or, you can create a six-foot perimeter.

If the goal is complete privacy, this may not be the style for you. The slats can be staggered, blocking out any onlookers. But, that’s not usually the goal with these fence styles. 

Still, we love the chic and tidy look it creates. Many homeowners aren’t even afraid to mix materials here. The center beams which secure the slats can be a different stain or material, creating an eye-catching wonder. 

Trellis Panels

If you’re set on a wood fence, this could be a fabulous option. Trendy homeowners who are looking for a little pizazz have been taking thick cuts of wood, weaving them together like a trellis, and using that as their front yard design. 

Not only does it create a unique look, but it also allows you to grow some English Ivy and increase the perimeter of privacy with nature’s appeal. 

Split Rail Fences

Anyone who’s into farmhouse chic decor will love split rail fences. Here, designers run two beams horizontally on the top and bottom. Then, they run two beams in a criss-cross shape through the middle. Or, they might run three beams horizontally for a neat trim.

The main goal here is exactly that – to trim the perimeter of the property. You’re not going to keep out any wandering eyes. So, if you have a lovely garden to put on display, this could be the fence for you.

These fences are typically short, no more than waist length. And some people like to string chicken coop wiring behind it to deter critters.

Hewn Log Fences

If you have a Hansel and Gretel cabin in the forest, this is the look for you. Hewn log fences are made from uncut wood. You can place them in varying designs, but it’s typical to stack them in a horizontal pattern. As you layer each log, you’ll create a thick barrier with small gaps. 

Then, each beam is secured to a wide cylindrical post to hold your hard work in place. In many instances, this is enough to keep animals and intruders out. You won’t have complete privacy in the way you would with a true privacy fence. But, you will be able to create enough of a barrier. 

Prefabricated Privacy Fences

What are fence panels? Good question! They’re not all wood or vinyl. In some instances, they can be prefabricated metal. We like this option because the metal can be fashioned in any number of styles. 

This helps you work with metal but not create an eyesore. Along with your design work, you can also install lighting to highlight any decorative features. 

Given the material, you won’t have to worry about wood rot or eventual deterioration. This is a nice way to delicately signal “stay away” without too much barking. 

Vinyl Picket Fences

Let’s stay with the wood alternatives for a moment. Vinyl is similar to PVC, only stronger. Anytime you come across a traditional white picket fence, there’s a chance it’s glistening vinyl and not wood. 

But, the modern twist comes from a paintbrush. People are taking the classic white picket fence and painting it to make a statement or match their garden beds. Vinyl is easy to clean and paint. And, once painted, it won’t chip like wood. 

It’s neither possible nor wise to install this on your own. So, it does require the helping hand of a professional. However, what you pay upfront for this durable material will be worth it. It’ll outlast any wooden fence out there today and look better throughout the years. 

Bamboo Fences

You don’t see these too often, but they’re growing in popularity. Bamboo is fairly easy to come by and sturdy as a rock. It also enables those looking for an eco-friendly approach to the different fence styles out there today. 

If you order bamboo fencing from an online retailer, it will likely arrive in sheets or panels. Then, all you have to do is place them one after the other to create privacy. This is a marvelous home design, especially if you’re a minimalist. 

Another lovely component of this form of fencing is the natural stain. Some shoots will have more of a green tone while others will, of course, have a light brown tone. The color variations create visual appeal. 

While bamboo is sturdy, if it’s soaked in too much water, it can start to rot. The best way to combat that is to coat it in transparent tar. This will not only increase the lifespan but also put off a delicate and alluring sheen. 

Eclectic Fence Designs for You

That was fun, right? Did you ever think about a bamboo fence? Or how about that trellis fence with some long-lasting ivy strewn throughout? 

We hope these fence designs will inspire you to build out your front yard. When done right, you can create a luscious outdoor space that you’ll enjoy as much as your sitting room or den. 

As you continue to build out your home and turn it into a true sanctuary from this busy world, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. All our style ideas are curated with your delight in mind.