Different types of uninterrupted power supply available in the market

UPS [เครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า, which are the term in Thai] is found in every home, office, and hospitals as they offer additional power-up which is of critical importance when you are in the middle of attending an essential event. It is one of the most important devices to keep a computer system safe. They provide uninterrupted power supply to other electronic devices when there is a power outage.

A power outage can cause huge damage to a computer system. It can result in data loss or component damage. In any of the case, a company can suffer huge damages due to a sudden power cut.

There are many types of uninterrupted power supply sources. Some are good for domestic use and some UPS for office [ups สำนักงาน, which are the term in Thai] use.

Here are different kinds of uninterrupted power suppliers.

Online UPS System –

During the power cut, the source of the power supply changes to the battery that has been connected with the external device. Until there is a restoration in the AC power supply, the battery in the UPS will provide current to the system. Even during fluctuations, the source of the power will change from the power socket to the internal battery.

Double Conversion UPS –

These types of uninterrupted power suppliers are good for network servers and data centers. It has no time difference during the change in power sources from the socket to the battery. It can also support demanding loads of various devices.

Line-interactive UPS –

In addition to supplying power during a power outage, these types of uninterrupted power supply can also regulate voltage. They also can regulate high and low voltage. Voltage fluctuation can damage computer components. It can also cause a sudden system shutdown.

Standby UPS –

These types of uninterrupted power supply provide power for a very short time. Under normal conditions, the uninterrupted power supply will receive the power from the socket, and during outages, it will supply power from those batteries. Some special kind of standby can also protect data and safeguard sensitive equipment. It can also protect modems and VoIP equipment.

These were a few types of uninterrupted power supply that are available in the market.