Bloom Mattress Online Reviews

Bloom mattress online reviews , the Bloom mattress is one of the sleep Country’s foray into the bed-in-a-box space. This Bloom mattress is ranking on the firmest of the four Bloom models and it is currently on the market. This is more liked due to it is a thicker based layer and thinner in comfort and different transition layers. The Bloom mattress can be returned for a Sleep Country Canada in-store credit. They use an industry-leading 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest quality foams available in Canada and provides superior pressure point relief and unmatched durability. Over time, a less dense memory foam mattress will have a much shorter useful life and will soften faster over time.

Reviews of Bloom Mattress

  • Bloom Mattress Layers

The Bloom mattress contains four layers of foam. There are many combinations of foam mattresses on the markets nowadays, all layers of foam in the Bloom mattress work together to provide an overall level of comfort and support.

  • Bloom Mattress Cover

The Bloom mattress has a unique cover design which focuses on neutral pastel colors with turquoise, soft grey, and white. The turquoise accents are including the zipper along the upper perimeter. It connects the washable top cover to the base fabric and the embroidered Bloom logo at the foot of the mattress.

The top cover is machine washable and it is a plus for anyone who decides not to use a mattress protector, or simply anyone who likes to keep their sleep surfaces as clean and fresh as possible. The white cover can be zipped off from the base fabric, put in the washing machine on low heat, and air-dried.

  • Feel and Firmness

The Bloom mattress has a medium-firm feel. This is testing conducted by third-party engineers and it comes in at a 5.8 / 10 on the firmness scale relative to other mattresses tested.

  • Edge Support

The Bloom foam mattresses are not known for edge support in fact. Mattress retailers by customers are considering the switch from innerspring mattresses to foam. Sleep Country has done a good job with edge support for its Bloom mattress.

  • Motion Isolation

It is usually very good and one of the main reasons couples make the switch from innerspring to memory foam.

  • Bounce

Due to the fact that motion isolation for foam mattresses is very high, the bounce is usually very low. The Bloom mattress had a higher rating for bounce than another foam mattress, likely to the synthetic latex foam in the second layer.

  • Buy Bloom

  • To stick with the Sleep Country name you know
  • A machine-washable cover
  • To test the mattress in-store

The option to exchange it in store for another Sleep Country mattress