AC Units That Are Too Large For Space Can Be Expensive To the Owner

For cooling your house or apartment, the ac unit can be oversized. Many have the assumption that an air conditioner is not possible to be too big for your home, apartment or office. They believe that the more cooling power of the unit the better. But this is incorrect thinking and there are several reasons for this.

Moisture in the air

AC units do much more than simply cool the space where it operates. It is also responsible for removing moisture from the air. To do this task, the AC unit needs to do plenty of work. The water vapor in the air needs to be allowed to condense on the unit’s coil. Once this condensation gathers to a point, it will start to move to the drip pan below the coil and when enough gathers there, it is drained to areas outside the home.

Shut on and off too often

The unit must run for a considerable amount of time for this to happen. Units that are too large for the space they cool will shut off before the water is able to leave the home, letting the condensed moisture evaporate and circulate back it to this air entering the home. Normally, no or little moisture is taken out of the air when you have a unit that is too big for the space it cools. If you have this problem and you live in the Orlando area, you can talk to someone at ac repair Orlando.

Lifespan of unit

Another problem with oversized units is that the lifespan of the air conditioning unit is dependent on how many times it kicks on and off when it is used. The more this occurs, the sooner the amount of wear and tear on the unit ends the lifespan.

Cost to owner

Units that are larger meet thermostat settings for small spaces too fast than units of a smaller size, resulting in disproportionate on and off operations. Oversized units will need to be replaced more often on top of the cost overtime of more repairs.

Correct unit size

So, if your air conditioners unit is too large, you need to talk to an AC repair company, it is important to get a unit that matches the square footage of your house or apartment.