7 Factors That May Affect Water Damage Restoration Costs

There are different ways in which water can bring damage to your residential or commercial property. It can be flood or leakage. However, no matter what the cause of damage is, you need to hire a water damage restoration, Fountain Hills, Arizona expert to fix the issue and bring back the affected area to its former state.

What is Included in Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration isn’t a simple procedure to accomplish. First, the source of the water should be identified. If there’s water that remains, restoration experts need to also get rid of them before they can clean the contents affected by the water.

They’d also need to identify which properties can still be restored, and which ones are unsalvageable. After drying the area, they are also tasked to remove any mold and bacteria. To complete the water damage restoration, Fountain Hills, Arizona process, they’d need to reconstruct the damaged structures.

What Affects Water Damage Restoration Costs

For certain, you’d need to shell out money to cover the restoration expenses. In this article, we are shedding light on the different factors that may affect these costs.

The location. The accessibility of your property is a crucial factor in deterring the total costs of water damage restoration, Fountain Hills, Arizona. The availability of materials needed as well as the ease of transporting the restoration tools can affect the final figure. Also, if you’re located in humid climates, the process of dehumidification can take longer.

The size of the affected property. If the area affected by the water damage has large square footage, the restoration experts will need more time to complete the whole procedure.

The source of water. Did the water come from a heavy flood or from a broken pipe? Depending on the source — and the cleanliness — of the water, your expenses for repair will largely vary. Blackwater, compared to clean water, poses health risks that can be costly to address.

The amount of remaining water. The larger the amount of remaining water, the longer it will take the experts to dry your area and complete the restoration process.

The extent of damage on your property. The cost of damage restoration also depends on the materials affected by the water. For example, as drywall absorbs more water, the extent of the damage can be larger; hence, more repairs are needed before it can be brought back to its previous state. Worse, if it’s irreparable, you might need to shell out more money for its replacement.

The presence of mold. To get rid of any health hazard, it’s important to secure that there’s no presence of mold in the affected area. From the removal of the mold itself to sanitizing the area, expect to have an increase in your total bill for water damage restoration.

The coverage of your insurance policy. If the water damage is caused by sudden or accidental events (e.g. Broken pipe), your insurance policy can minimize or totally cover the restoration expenses. However, if it’s caused by acts of nature, you’re typically obliged to shoulder it on your own.

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