5 ways to dress your windows on a budget

So, you’re done with your window replacement project. But even though you chose the most stylish and energy-efficient windows, you feel like it is not enough. Well, if this is your case, we are here to help you! Next, we’ve shared some tips and tricks on how to dress your windows on a budget. Let’s see how you can update your home windows, no matter if they’re new or old!

#1 Hang some shower curtains for a bold effect

Well, why not choose a unique and intriguing solution for your living room? Shower curtains come in different styles and sizes. And the best part about them is that they range from stylish neutrals to impressive romantic designs.

So, we encourage you to hang some shower curtains anywhere else besides the bathroom. You will notice your windows will become more interesting and stylish. And since shower curtains are affordable, you won’t be spending too much on this quick fix!

#2 Use tea towels to decorate your kitchen

Following the idea above, you can achieve similar results in your kitchen with a pair of tea towels. Hanging those colorful pieces of cloth on your windows can offer a modern and welcoming appearance. You won’t have to struggle with bulky curtains anymore! Besides, a tea towel allows some sunlight inside, which will make your kitchen even more functional!

#3 Consider some lace window treatment

If you’re searching for a fast and affordable way to dress your windows, a lace treatment is the best solution for you! It is glamorous, enticing, and a lot different than what other people use on their windows. And the best part about adding lace on your windows is that you can use it as an insect screen, too.

#4 Create your own Roman shades

For quite some time now, Roman shades have been the ultimate interior design accessory! These provide shelter from the sun, elegant touch to any room, and an affordable solution for any homeowner who aims to cut back some expenses. You can DIY this window treatment project by choosing styles such as the Tulip Roman shades, the Balloon Roman shades, or the Relaxed Roman shades.

#5 DIY wooden shutters for your home

Admit it! It never crossed your mind you could have affordable shutters. These are usually expensive and might require some tricky installation approaches. But we have the perfect fit for you! Numerous online tutorials teach you how to DIY wooden shutters at home. And you will spend around $40 for it!

There are several stylish window treatments you can use. All you have to do is look up some tutorials, and you’re ready to start! But remember that if your windows have sustained significant damage, it might be the time for you to consider window replacement services. A professional can either repair or replace your windows with the best solutions for your house!