5 Tips That Will Help Turn Any Cold Pad Into a Cozy Apartment

Is your new apartment chillier than you’d like it to be? Spring is here, but in much of the world, the weather is still too cool for comfort. How can you warm your apartment up without over-using your central heating?

Using too much energy isn’t conducive to an eco-friendly lifestyle, but there are ways to stay warm without it. Read on for our top tips for making your cozy apartment warm without touching the thermostat.

1. Consider a Space Heater

If you don’t want to hike up your energy bill with your central heating, or if you want a sustainable home, consider using a space heater instead. This is great for people who work from home and spend most of their time in one room or anyone with a small space. 

Space heaters will make quick work of chilly rooms. Put them on the floor near your feet and you’ll warm up right away without the need to turn up your thermostat. Bonus: take it with you when you’re going to a different room!

2. Use Area Rugs

We get it. It’s early in the morning, you’re nice and cozy in bed, and your alarm goes off. Suddenly, dread sets in: you have to let your feet touch the cold floors.

Anyone who has tile, laminate, or hardwood floors (click for some great hardwood floor apartments) knows what this is like. Walking around a chilly apartment will ruin an otherwise good morning. 

This is where area rugs come in. Not only will they add an extra layer of insulation to your home, but they’ll also add style. If you’re in a studio apartment, they’re also great for dividing up your space and making it feel larger. 

3. Let the Sun Shine In

On a sunny day, let the sun shine into your apartment. Remember that the sun is a natural heater! You’re essentially using passive solar energy to heat up your space. 

Open your blinds or swap them for sheer curtains or window film. Consider using mirrors to reflect the light around the room. 

At night you can bring back heavier curtains to insulate your apartment against the cold winter air.

4. Use the Oven When It’s Cold

Cold weather is the perfect excuse for making comfort food in your oven. Using the oven will heat up the rest of your apartment (and make it smell great).

This is the perfect time for casseroles, fresh-baked bread, and cookies. Save the fresh salads and stovetop meals for warmer days.

5. Add More Blankets and Pillows

It’s time to put all of those throw blankets that you’ve been accumulating over the years to good use. Pile your couches high with blankets and pillows to make your room feel warmer and cozier.

The soft blankets will warm up your furniture and they’re great for when you want to bundle up while watching TV. When the apartment warms up for the summer, swap them for lightweight blankets and sheets.

Bonus: blankets also give the appearance of a cozy apartment!

Use These Tips for a Cozy Apartment

You’ll have a warm and cozy apartment in no time if you mix and match some of these easy and affordable tips. Don’t touch the thermostat this spring! You can stay warm without it.

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