5 Things you need to decide before Building a Backyard Oasis

If you have some extra space in your backyard, then why not put it into some constructive use? If you let your backyard remain empty, it will make the entire house look dull and unattractive. Making the proper use of your backyard is important as it will increase the beauty of your house and provide you with some space where you can chill in the outdoors.

When it comes to decorating your backyards, there are several options you can go for. You can build an outdoor seating area, a tree house, an outdoor living room, etc. But if you want your backyard to be class apart then building a mini oasis will be the right choice for you. In this post, we will discuss what are the things you need to decide before building a backyard oasis.

1. Fix the site

Before constructing a backyard oasis, you need to decide which part of the backyard you want to set up the oasis. Depending on the size of the site, you will be able to decide what kind and shape of oasis will suit your backyard.

2. Check the dimensions

Since now you know where you are going to set up the oasis, it’s now time for you to design the dimension of the oasis. If you are planning to build an oasis in the middle of the backyard, then you can form a square or equal perimeter dimension. If you are planning to build it at a corner, then the diagonal length will be more.

3. Decide the design

After having the rough estimate of your dream oasis, its time to decide the design of it. Whether you want a mini pond or a rock fountain. It all depends on your personal choice. Though a mini pond surrounded by plants will make the oasis look more natural.

4. Check for supplies

After you have decided the design, it’s time to check if there is an availability of the supplies in order to build the oasis. To build one, you need stamped concrete des Moines, rocks, plants, sands, etc. These might not be available near you. So you need to confirm the availability before starting the construction.

5. Get proper paperwork done

Last but not least, before starting the construction of the oasis, make sure that you get all the paperwork done. Like getting a municipality authorization, etc.