5 Emergency Plumbing Problems You Can Solve

We all have problems in our homes with plumbing at some time.  That’s why it is a good idea to know how to solve a few of these problems yourself.  Whether it’s a problem with the tap or something more serious it will no doubt require an immediate fix.

While plumbing problems are common in just about every home across the country, some homeowners put them off for weeks or months before addressing the issues.  This is often due to the inability to resolve the issue themselves and lack of free time waiting for a plumber to visit them.

Whilst no one denies the importance of fixing these plumbing problems when they happen the obstacle is usually not being able to fix them yourself, With these 5 plumbing problems, you can give yourself a better chance to take them on. However, we recommend you always contact a registered plumber for any complex issues.

1. Seeing a puddle of water under one of your pipes alerts you there is a serious problem. It could be a costly repair if the problem has gone unnoticed for a length of time.  Check the joints of your pipes as that is where leaks most often occur.  Inspect all pipes and locate the problem one.  Shut off the water supply disconnect the pipe at the source of the leak and apply a joint sealer to the area. According to Andy from Homeglow Gas Services “If the leak is a result of a crack in the pipe or a hole, the fix isn’t as simple and would recommend patching it up and calling a professional plumber immediately.”

2. Dripping taps waste a lot of water and can contribute to a bigger leak eventually. Simply remove the top of the handle to reveal a series of screws and washers and a rubber piece, which is most likely the cause of the dripping.  Replace them with new washers and put back together.

3. Another common problem that is also overlooked is a slow draining sink or shower. This is usually due to hair which becomes clogged in the sink or shower.  Clogged drains are relatively easy to fix.  There are products you can buy to clear out the drains and will unclog drains within a matter of minutes.

4. If you have a burst pipe you should find the master shut off valve if there isn’t a dedicated shut off valve for it. This is usually near the water meter outside and will have a valve on it which cuts the water for the whole house.  At least then the water will be stopped while you book in with a professional plumber to take a look at it.

5. Sometimes the toilet doesn’t flush correctly, or you may have to try and flush it a few times. Toilets have a valve that lets water pass from the take to the bowl the float can become imbalanced or the fill tube comes loose.  Toilet repair kits are quite easy to install.  Higher water bills can detect a silent leak, so you have to be vigilant.