5 Qualities That All Storage Sheds Need to Be Effective

Outdoor sheds took on a whole new use in 2020 as Americans bought and converted them into home offices in their backyards during the Covid-19 pandemic.

No matter what the reason and whether you’re looking at metal sheds or a standard wood-frame shed, you want to make sure it’s the right one to fit your needs.

When designing or picking out a storage shed, there are some must-have qualities to make it worth having. Keep reading this guide as we explore each one.

1. Within Your Budget

If you’re buying a storage shed, it’s important to find what you need within your budget. You don’t want to get something that’s not made well and doesn’t protect the things you’re storing, however.

Put size and materials first in your list of priorities to get a quality shed.

2. Rot-Resistant Siding and Trim

Your backyard shed needs to be able to weather the environment. What kind of harsh conditions exists where you live? Do you get a lot of rain or snow? Is it the sun that’ll do a number on it?

You want to make sure the exterior siding and trim can stand up to the weather conditions in your area. Look for sheds that come sided with something with a 50-year rating.

3. Ventilation

If you’re shed is locked up tight with no ventilation, hot air will build up inside the shed during the hot months. It’s important to keep the inside temperature from getting too hot.

The shed should have vents along the roof ridge and in the gable.

4. Pressure Treated Runners and Floor Joists

Pressure-treated wood for the runners and floor joists is a must to prevent rot and decay. The foundation of the shed is exposed to moisture from the ground underneath even if you take care to remove the grass before placing the shed in its location.

If possible, opt for 4 x 6 runners to make the floor of the shed extra-strong depending on what you’re storing.

5. Wider Doors

What are you planning to store in your shed? If it’s yard equipment or something larger in size, opt for wider doors. It’ll make it easier to get your belongings in and out.

Measure your lawnmower or ATV to make sure the doors are the proper width.

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Storage Sheds Worthwhile

Now that you know the qualities to look for when shopping for storage sheds, you’re on your way to getting exactly what you need. Keep in mind what you’ll be storing and how you’ll use it to declutter your life. Check the homeowner association rules and county ordinances regarding sheds on your property before proceeding.

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