Warning Signs Your Septic System Immediately Needs Maintenance

About one in five Americans rely on septic tank systems. One reason is that public sewers aren’t always available in rural or suburban areas.

If you’re one of those folks who own a private septic tank, then know that its upkeep is your responsibility.

Thus, it’s imperative to know when you need septic system maintenance. Otherwise, it may flood your home with wastewater if it breaks down or becomes clogged.

Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to help you prevent that from happening.

Read on to discover the signs you need immediate home septic system maintenance.

Last Cleaning Was Several Years Ago

Septic systems feature a tank designed to store and treat wastewater. After treating the waste, they discharge it into the surrounding soil.

So, unlike a home with a traditional drain system, your septic tank keeps your wastewater. For that reason, you need to get it pumped or cleaned based on your usage. Depending on your household, that can be every year, 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years, or three years.

The University of Minnesota has a nifty guide on septic tank pumping frequency. You can use it to determine if you need immediate cleaning and maintenance of your septic system.

You Have Multiple Clogged Drains

Have you noticed several slow drains in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or tub/shower? If they’re happening simultaneously, they indicate a clogged septic system. Your tank may also be on the verge of overflowing.

Call a septic systems maintenance provider as soon as you notice those signs. The pros may need to use a rooter or hydro jetter to unblock your drain lines or septic system. If your tank is close to overflowing, they need to clean and pump it.

When looking for septic service, go with one offering various maintenance packages. These maintenance programs often include priority service on top of testing and inspections. ‚Äč

You want to be a priority if you have a clogged system, as it can force wastewater to back up your drains. Likewise, you mustn’t delay pumping a full tank as that can also leak waste into the soil. Both are hazardous, as untreated wastewater can contain millions of bacteria per milliliter.

Foul-Smelling Water On Your Lawn

If only the soil above and near your tank is wet, that’s a sign you need septic system maintenance ASAP. That indicates your tank is full or has sustained damage, forcing it to leak wastewater.

The water may smell awful, like decaying food, rotten eggs, or the sewers. Stop breathing those odors in as they may irritate your eyes, nose, and lungs. Their horrendous stench may even be enough to make you gag or vomit.

Call a septic service expert to inspect, clean, pump, and repair your system pronto.

Never Delay Necessary Septic System Maintenance

Please remember that untreated wastewater can contaminate the soil and groundwater. It can poison the land and make people (and animals) who drink the contaminated water ill. That may include you, your family, and your pets.

You can prevent that with timely and proper septic system maintenance. Likewise, call a septic professional as soon as you notice the abovementioned signs.

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