Tips for Finding the Best Industrial Painter

There are three types of industrial coatings, architectural, industrial OEM, and special. These coatings require knowledge and skill to properly apply them. If you need industrial painting done, you need to do more research to ensure you have a high-quality finished product.  

Follow this guide and know what to look for when hiring an industrial painter.


Ask to see pictures of their previous work. Look for an industrial painting service that has experience with the type of painting and size of the project you want to do. 

The longer a painting service has been in business, the more experience they have. Should an unexpected dilemma arise, they are more likely to readily have a solution. 

Ask about the materials the painter has experience working with. They should use high-quality paint and coating material. 


Any time you hire a contractor to do a service for you on your business premises, they should have insurance. Otherwise, you are liable for any damage or injuries that occur on your property. Protect your business and avoid an insurance claim by asking if the painting service has insurance. 


If you want quality work, you need to hire a pro. While you may save money with the guy and a truck, you also take a big risk. Reputable businesses have the proper licensing in place. 

This gives you recourse should something go wrong. You can report the business or easily track them down for a lawsuit. Hiring a fly-by-night service may leave you stuck when they disappear. 

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Ask potential painters for references. They should be able to give you the contact information for satisfied clients. Excellent painters may also have online reviews. 

Do a Google search online to get an idea of what others experienced when they hired a particular painter. It can also help to ask your professional connections. Ask other business owners or professionals if they have any recommendations. 


You should request quotes from at least three industrial painting services. This will give you an accurate idea of the true cost of your project. Then, choose the best quality painter that is also within your budget. 

Do not blindly choose the cheapest quote. You get what you pay for, and blindly choosing the cheapest option can leave you disappointed with the lack of quality. 


You may think you found the ideal industrial painting service. However, if their availability timeline doesn’t work for your needs, then they aren’t the right painter for you. If you are more flexible with your project completion date, you can have more freedom when choosing your painter. 

Hire an Industrial Painter

Hiring an industrial painter is similar to hiring a painter for your residential property. The only difference is that you need someone who knows how to do your specific type of coating. They should have a track record of quality work and reliable performance. 

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