Kinds of Air Conditioning Equipment

Heating and cooling systems are vital during the architectural design of a building for the following reasons:

  • The success of a cooling and heating system is straight pertaining to the structure’s convenience degrees.
  • HVAC systems call for significant floor space for housing the unit/units along with the distribution tools.
  • Heating and cooling units require considerable financial investment
  • AC systems develop a huge part of the building overhead

There are a variety of HVAC systems utilized in structures. Here, we will present a few types typically utilized in industrial structures. This is not an extensive checklist of all variants present in buildings.

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The kinds of cooling and heating systems in industrial buildings can be separated right into three wide classifications:


As the name suggests, a central system is a single system that supplies the cooling and heating demands of the structure.

The centralized system is generally located in a solitary zone. These systems are consolidated units and normally utilize water as a cooling medium as well as use substantial ductwork for air circulation. The advantages of the centralized system are better to regulate as well as have greater load-management capacity. The major negative aspect is these are pricey to mount and are more sophisticated to run as well as preserve.


Packaged AC systems are typically utilized in buildings without appropriate space for all the separate elements. Packaged heating and air conditioning systems are offered with each other in one packaged device. Packaged Cooling and heating systems generally consist of the following:

  • The air conditioner/heat pump together with the fan coil/evaporator in one device
  • Thermostat/Control user interface for complete control of the system
  • Optional air high-quality improvers. Points like the air cleaners, purifiers, ventilators, or UV lamps, which gear in the direction of making the air added tidy before it flows your home or office.


Decentralized or individual systems give power using numerous specific units in numerous locations of a building.

Instances of self-contained system packages are rooftop cooling and heating systems, air conditioning systems for areas, as well as air-to-air heating systems.

The benefits of individual systems are they are easy to manage and have lower financial investments at first. Nonetheless, in large buildings, specific systems can become an upkeep headache if you have lots of systems dispersed across the structure. It is necessary to settle systems that are most likely to damage or leak, as well as expensive to replace, and disperse the various other things like fans, as well as terminal gadgets. When it comes to such huge systems, be sure to engage companies like LK brothers to assist you with aircon installation and you can find them by clicking

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