How to Choose the Best Stove

There are several types of stoves available on the market, so you can choose the best stove (melhor fogão) for you, you must first be aware of your needs and what each model offers.

In this buying guide, we have separated the most important information for you to be aware when choosing your new stove, it is important that you become familiar with each of these points, because they can be the basic criteria for you to choose the best stove for your home.

The number of burners, type of stove, the main brands, size, power, features and model are the main items that you should be aware of when making your choice among the best stoves.

4 to 6 burner stove

The number of mouths is certainly the first item to be considered. You can base this number on the number of people you want to serve and how many meals and mixes you plan to heat up at the same time.

Another important detail, the size and temperature of the mouths of each stove can vary, especially in models that have more than 4 mouths, these variations happen so that each mouth adapts to a specific type of pot, you will have a bigger mouth for pot of pressure and a smaller mouth for a kettle, for example.

4-burner stove: Of the kitchen stoves, the 4-burner stove is considered the simplest model, the model recommended for small families and that does not have such a high gastronomic need.

The model is also highly recommended for people who live alone, live in houses with small kitchens or in an apartment, due to its small size and ease of installation.

5 burner stove: The models with 5 and 6 burners, can not only have more meals, but can also have meals in a shorter time, due to the power and varied size of their mouths.

It is considered the intermediate option, for those who do not seek even the most basic stove, but also do not seek the most expensive stove.

6-burner stove: The 6-burner stove is the most robust model for normal kitchens, but it is also widely used in some restaurants. It is the most recommended model for large families or companies.

The 6-burner stove can heat up more food and can heat it up in a shorter time, due to the power and size of its mouths. In addition, the 6-burner stove usually brings new features and technologies.

Stove types

Floor stove: It is the best known type of stove, the type of stove that comes with the top and the built-in electric oven on the bottom. This type of stove is the most recommended for most people.

Built-in stove: This type of stove is a specific model for those who want to save space in their kitchen, since you can attach it to a countertop or other structure in your kitchen. It has the same type of operation as the floor stove, but generally has a larger internal space.

Cooktop: This type of stove is the top of a floor stove. When a stove has only the part that contains the mouths, we call it a cooktop. This type of stove, brings much more practicality and mobility to prepare your food. But not only that, the cooktop can also be sold with induction ignition, which is a better type of ignition than the electric one.