How to choose the best Hotel room furniture

Thanks to the precious partnership with the best international brands in the sector, many accommodation facilities suppliers are able to offer hospitality and restaurant professionals a vast choice of products of all kinds: bedroom furniture, tables, kitchen accessories, outdoor furniture, banqueting, and much more. So if you are looking for specific bedroom furniture, for example, LED upholstered bed, we recommend ordering from trusted platforms only and keeping in mind the following checklist for hotel furniture.

The Strength

The strength of furniture can and should be checked by yourself since often the characteristic from the manufacturer contains very optimistic forecasts for the service life. Try to personally test how the mattress, bed, or chairs “respond” to jumping and other activities. Of course, no one draws special statistics. Still, by simple calculations, hotel contractors claim that 50 times more people sit on a regular chair in a hotel than in what is at home. Therefore, their strength should be much higher than the furniture that is purchased for the home. This is especially important to check if you are buying furniture for a facility with a large number of rooms.


The materials from which the furniture is made or painted: fillers, upholstery, frame – are often the cause of allergic reactions in guests. Therefore, it is preferable to use chenille, tapestry, and cotton in upholstery materials. Carefully study the compositions of paints, mortars, and other materials that were used in the manufacture of upholstered bed for your hotel. Be sure to ask the manufacturer for a certificate of environmental safety of the materials from which certain pieces of furniture are made.


This is not a utopia. This is furniture that is sheathed with a special anti-vandal fabric. It protects against the main range of domestic damage: rubbing in the most exploited places: soft headboards of upholstered bed, chair seats, sofa sides, etc. When buying furniture, ask if the upholstery fabric is vandal-resistant. This means that it is water-repellent and tolerant of scratches and scuffs. Mounts, legs, armrests, backs, and footboards of furniture should be thickened and designed for guests of different weight categories.

Furniture Hardware

The hardware of hotel furniture should be stronger than the nerves of a good crisis manager. We don’t remember who said this expression, but we fully agree with this person. Furniture for a hotel room is another testing ground for exploitation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that specialists who select bedroom furniture or accessories for it very carefully check their strengths. If, at about the thirty-fifth opening, the cabinet door creaks or the cabinet handle loosens a little, then you can be sure that when installing these furniture units in the rooms, you will have to send a repairman there after the second or third guests.


Hotel room bedroom furniture should be easy to repair. Therefore, when choosing an upholstered bed, table, chairs, etc., make sure that repairs can be done in record time and easily. For example, if chairs or countertops are made of precious wood or have an intricate design, then their repair or restoration will require much more time than laconic, minimalist furniture. We also strongly advise you to order additional pieces of upholstery fabric and parts from contractors, which, according to statistics, break most often.