Get A Sound Metal Roofing for Your Business or Home

A sound metal roof over a business is vital to keeping you as well as your property comfortable and protected.  To have your commercial property outfit with a metal roof there is a company that can install quality roofing by expert roofers.  There is a company that has been repaired or replace worn and damaged roofs with metal roofing from a good metal roofing company.

Quality roofs

Whether it is a flat roof, roll roofing, rubber roofs or metal roofs they are all popular options for businesses.  Metal roofing comes highly recommended.

Prevent roofing leaks

The Conklin MR system protects a metal roof from the elements with a seamless membrane that is quite durable.  It stops leaks where they happen mainly by sealing all fasteners, seams, and penetrations with a grouping of the best acrylic coatings on the market.  This strengthens with fabric reinforcement.  This makes certain that the elements will not get to your valuable items inside.

Extends roof’s life

Conklin’s MR systems offer added benefit beyond stopping leaks and inhibiting any rust.  Since they are highly reflective roof coatings this lessens the damaging thermal shock that is experienced by metal roofs during extreme instabilities in temperature.  This slows or stops the contraction that roofs experience and increases its life.

Tested, proving trust

Conklin Roofing Systems have been tested and this has proven it can be trusted by building owners across the nation. This system is tested and has been approved by major code approval agencies, such as Underwriter’s Laboratories – UL and Factory Mutual – FM.


Conklin Metal Roofing systems are created to offer long-term protector at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  In addition, there are financial benefits to these metal roof restoration systems.


Metal roof restoration often can be expensed to repair or maintenance cost.  But replacement would be much more expensive.

Saves money

A total system of waterproofing for metal roofing can inhibits rust, stop leaks, and provides an energy efficient, lasting long, and attractive finish coat for years of service.

There are good roofing companies in the state of Indiana that all handle metal roofing.