Find the Name and Phone Number of a Good Electrician Before You Move

If you have just moved to Pittsburgh or the surrounding small towns and you need an electrician, there are many well recommended Pittsburgh-PA electricians. Many of them have been in business for years and some are family-owned businesses. In fact, there are some electricians near me, in the Ambridge area.

Old homes

Often when you move into your new home, it is just new to you but may have been built years ago.  This can mean that you might have some electrical problems and need to know who to call.


Good electricians are skilled tradesmen and go through a quite rigorous training process involving formal education, then an apprenticeship, and then licensing. All electricians need to be licensed as well as insured in your state.  Establishing a relationship with a good electrician could make the difference between no power for days and having your power back on within an hour or two. Here is a list of some of the most common household jobs that trained electricians can do. These jobs can be repaired or replaced for some items. These include:

  • Outlets not working;
  • Thermostats;
  • Light switches;
  • Wiring;
  • Circuit breakers;
  • Generators;
  • Bathroom, Kitchen, or any type of lighting.

Before you move

Some advice for people who are moving. When you go to get your utilities turned on, ask about electricians in the area that you are moving into. It is good to know this before you make your move and have something happen where you need the name and phone number for a good electrician.

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It is best to be prepared before you plug in all your entertainment center items and finding out that something is wrong with the electricity in that room. Better to have a good electrician than having a lot of bored kids with nothing to do!