Essential costs for building your home in Ontario

People in Canada dream about having their own house, with their own designs in some beautiful city, and what city can be better for a settlement than Ontario. So how much does it cost to build a house in Ontario? Here is a list of factors to help you estimate.

Land Costs

The first step is definitely acquiring your required amount of land in your favorite location in Toronto. Now, this can either include buying the plot or buying the entire house built upon the spot. There is a shortage of buildable land in Toronto and choosing among the limited options might not give you your dream house. So it might be a good deal to buy a house is available at the preferred location and rebuild your own.


After you buy the house the next step that comes in is its demolition. Demolition itself wouldn’t cost you much but the process can in terms of time and energy. Therefore, you can hire a contractor for the purpose and it will be preferable to use the same contractor to use for demolition as well as construction. In this way, you can get a good deal and discounts too. You can even ask the contractor to keep some of the features of the house.

Construction Cost

Now comes the final part where the building process of your dream house starts. On average, the building costs for a custom house per square foot can be around $250 but it may vary considering the amenities you will be adding in for. This cost will comprise of two costs:

  • Hard Costs will comprise of fixed costs meaning those like land and material and which wills stay definite throughout the construction.
  • Soft Costs comprising of the variable costs. These are subject to fluctuations as per your demands and will include furnishing and finishing, amount of fixtures or different levels of coatings, protections, layering, and flooring.