Electric Welding Machines and Some Tips When Using Gas Fuel

Argon Max Tig 200 Dc Inverter Welding Machine is one of the electric welding machines [ เครื่องเชื่อมไฟฟ้า, which are the term in Thai ] sold by Falcon Welders. Its properties include:

  • Controlled by the MOSFET inverter system, keeping a steady current;
  • 200A wielding current if full;
  • High-frequency system helps to start welding easily;
  • Automatic protection system from excess temperatures;
  • The instrument panel with a display that is digital making it easy to adjust the welding current power supply;
  • For high penetration of welding steel, stainless steel;
  • Performance helps to reduce the loss of energy;
  • The structure of the machine is light – can be easily moved;
  • Suitable to produce stainless-steel gate, rail, oil pipeline work, exhaust pipe.

Market leader

Falcon electric wielder is one of the highest qualities wire feed welders and they also have quality plasma cutters, welder generators, and other products. They aim to develop technologies to make customers more productive as well as successful.


There is on the internet, a great blog with tips and tricks of welding. There are many tips on equipment and methods to use when welding as well as reviews on various welders and who to buy welders from.

Five Welding mistakes

1. Hauling acetylene and oxygen cylinders in your car trunk. A leak here, a tiny leak there a spark boom!!

2. Hauling cylinders under high pressure with no cap for protective. The cylinder falls over the valve is knocked off 2500 psi leaks out of a hole about the size of a nickel – you have a missile.

3. Making acetylene and oxygen bomb balloon. A little gas such as acetylene a bit of oxygen mixed around in a balloon to impress the neighbors on a holiday a spark among the 5 balloons so cleverly hidden in a plastic bag boom!!

4. Welding in an area that is enclosed with Mig or Tig. Both use Argon and Argon is an odorless, colorless, inert gas that is 2xs heavier than air. It is like an invisible liquid the way it fills up a room that is not ventilated. No air, no life.

5. Welding in Water Can Kill. Don’t get a picture mentally of standing in a water bucket. Think of lying beneath a pipe making a weld and there is a puddle of water on the concrete that didn’t quite get dried up. Welding current is low voltage as well as high amperage, but it will still kill you.